If you are pregnant, you need the Bella Band. It will take you from your first trimester to your third and even in your “fourth” as your body goes back to normal (slowly).
Company Owner Ingrid Charney “popped” when she was four months pregnant with her daughter Isabel. Frustrated because she was dressing for work and couldn’t button her pants, she finally took a tube top and pulled it up over her hips. Though it was thick and not ideal for a expanding belly, it worked. She untucked her shirt and went to work. Ingrid said, via her website, “In the coming weeks I found I could also wear my new accessory with maternity clothes I wasn’t yet big enough to fill. Ultimately, I had more choices and less frustration finding something to wear every day. That’s when I wondered if other women would want something like this. Over a year later the Bella Band was born. And the inspiration, you might say, was my daughter Isabel, now age five —that once pesky bump in my belly!”
Ingrid was kind enough to send me some Bella Bands to test out. I fell in love with the product. Basically, every day you will find me wearing one. My favorite is the black lace. I am now wearing some of my regular clothes and some maternity clothes. My regular pants will not button and the Bella Band hides that. I hate the big maternity panels on my shorts, so the Bella Band covers it up as well. It looks great – no one knows I’m wearing it unless I tell them. It also supports my tummy and I actually feel better when I wear it. Another plus, my almost 2 year old son always yanks up my shirt to see my tummy – the Bella Band preserves my modesty.
My mother-in-law thinks that the Bella Band may just be the ticket to preserve her modesty with her low -rise pants. So, another market for the Bella Band may be born.
You can find it at online boutique Mom4Life in many different colors for $25.95. Click through this link for 10% off with a special Mommies with Style link. (The Bella Band is under the “Mom’s Closet” section.) Be sure to check out Mom4Life’s other cool products – 80% of the items sold there are made by stay-at-home-Moms.

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