Like leading a horse to water, that’s how eMeals is for me with meal planning. Sometimes I forget to drink but when I do, it’s so much better all around.

Cheesy analogy aside, I’ve been a member of going on 3 years now. The weeks I remember to use the meal plan make my life so much easier. Not familiar with eMeals? They make menu and meal planning easy. They’ve grown quite a bit since I started working with them and they now offer meal plans in so many categories, there’s bound to be something for you and your family.

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As a family, we’ve done the Paleo plan, as well as the Mediterranean and the Low Calorie. You do pick just one meal plan and you are paying monthly but you can change plans if you aren’t loving the one you are currently on. I change about every six months just to change it up.

Each week you are given a meal plan that includes 7 nights of meals plus a grocery list. The list is what’s key for me – eMeals has an app (search for it in your app store), I just open up the app when I’m at my local grocery store and everything is broken down by aisle so I can easily find and buy everything I need for the week.

I totally save money when I use eMeals.  I find when I go to the grocery store without looking at their weekly plan, I buy whatever and always end up with wasted food or not enough.  You’re making the most of your purchase with a meal plan for sure.

Also everything is fast prep and cook wise.  I never spend more than a half hour tops putting together any meal.  Any meal beyond 30 minutes wouldn’t work with our crazy schedule and I know all you guys out there can relate.

Normally I highlight a sale or coupon code with eMeals this time of year but this year’s deal is great – they are offering a 14-day trial period.  That’s enough for you to try two weekly meal plans with the app.  Check it out for free and see what you think – I guarantee you will love it.  Plus, there’s something for everyone with New Years Resolution – PLENTY of healthy eating options on their plan.  I dare say it’s hard to find one that’s unhealthy to be honest.

If you try it out, let me know what you think.  I love the idea that I have organized meal plans I can turn to each week.  If you do choose to sign up after the trial too, it won’t break the bank.  The most you pay is $10/month if you opt for the 3 month plan – if you do an annual, it’s $5/month.

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