I’m not one of those lucky gals who gets pregnant and wonders what the word “morning sickness” really means. For me, throughout my last pregnancy and well into this one, morning sickness is full on, all day, 24-7 sickness. As a result, friends and family are always recommending remedies to me. And believe me, from ginger (in every form) to accupressure,to bland food, to sniffing mint/lemon/lavender essential oils, and even prescription meds, I have tried them all!
preggiedrops.jpgWhile no one thing has cured me completely as yet, one product has consistantly come through in a pinch for me. Preggie Pops. Preggie Pops lollipops and drops come in many flavors like ginger, citrus, mint, herbal and sour fruits. They are carefully formulated and flavored pure ingredients and essential oils that relieve symptoms of nausea, while delivering a quick burst of energy. They are even kosher. My favorite flavor is the sour green apple. I’ve found that as long as I am sucking on one of these, the nausea recedes. At this point I never leave home without a few lollipops or drops in my bag. I’ve stocked up so well that months from now, when I am no longer pregnant, I am going to be finding these candies in my coat pockets and the glove compartment. Which is ok, because they actually taste pretty good. I have to hide them from the kids!
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