bb-product-pic-bluebox The day I opened my mailbox to smell nothing but Maine Blueberries, I paused. I could stand there all day sniffing that. I pulled out the box and was delighted to learn that a key ingredient of Belle’s Biscuits was Wild Maine Blueberries. Already, I’m imagining the taste is delish… so much more than the standard teethers at the grocery store.

When our hands are full, we leave our  mail in a basket in the hallway. And when my kids came home from school, one whiff and they were dying to have a taste. Of course, they thought they were trying cookies, but we each tried a biscuit. They were, umm, surprised with these cookies. I mean, what cookies have you ever tried that are too hard to bite into?

Baby A isn’t old enough to teeth on a cookie yet, but I can relax knowing how safe and healthy these teething biscuits are. They’re organic, dairy-, soy, and wheat-free and have nothing artificial. In October, Belle’s Biscuits introduced a Gluten-Free alternate. And if your child isn’t a fan of blueberry (mine was allergic when he was younger) there’s also a vanilla flavor.

Use code BELLES15 for 15% off your purchase at Belle’s Biscuits.

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