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Have you guys tried Thrive Market yet? I have been. I see them constantly on my Facebook feed but that may just be me since I have been doing the whole eat clean and Whole30 thing lately. They’re a new online grocer – around for less than a year that sells health and wellness focused products at wholesale prices. How?

There’s an annual fee to be a member – think of it like a Sam’s Club membership – with your membership, you get the discounted prices that are better than you’d see at the grocery store. They offer free orders on shipments over $49 and there’s often a freebie with your order because they are so new (they’ve been around less than a year). I got a free container of Avocado Mayonnaise with my first and they are running a deal today for a free glass cleaner, so it’s really a pretty sweet deal right now as they try and get new members.

Need some ideas or curious what people are buying there? Here’s some of the things I have bought:

Almond Butter. I got obsessed while doing my Whole30. It’s healthier than peanut butter and can be used as a dip or in muffins (yum!)

Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce. Nothing but whole, clean ingredients in this and it’s delicious.

Canned Wild Salmon. (I make and love these Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes.)

Almond Flour. (Cheaper than it is at my local grocery store)

Chicken Stock. Ghee (like butter).

They also have things like essential oils, pet food, cleaning & beauty supplies.

If you are someone who appreciates clean eating or using organic products, check out Thrive Market. If you use my link you’ll get 15% off your order plus the free goodie and I get referral! You get a 30 day free trial too so you can check it out, order something and if it doesn’t float your boat you can cancel with no issues.


  1. totally checking this out. trips to the grocery store = one of my least favorite chores

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