shyla_blk_bk I’ve spent almost four and a half years officially reviewing diaper bags.  People without kids don’t get it:  they sometimes ask, it’s a bag, what’s the big deal?  Or, how many different diaper bags can there really be?

The answers are: it is a big deal, and there are tons of different diaper bags out there.  A diaper bag is a lifeline.  Especially when you’re out in public with a new infant and you need a diaper asap, a breastfeeding cover, a burp cloth or a pacifier.  There about a dozen little items you may need at any given time and most of the time you’ll want them all with you just in case.

One of the diaper bag companies I’ve been impressed with over the years is Baby Kaed.  For one thing, they have diaper bag design down to a science – the pockets and compartments in each of these bags are enough to keep even the messiest of Moms organized.

I recently checked out a new design – the Shyla.  This bag alone comes with the following accessories:  a Changing mat, zippered pouch, drawstring bag for messy days, pacifier purse, cell phone pocket, Baby Kaed wipes case and a handy clip for your keys or pacifier purse.  The price is right too – the Shyla retails for $138 which is a steal for a full-sized diaper bag with so many goodies.  (Plus you can use the coupon below to get the additional discount!)

They also have something for everyone here – different styles to choose from appease Moms with varying tastes.   If the Shyla isn’t for you, check out their other designs – they are all functional, stylish and reasonably priced.

Use coupon code MOMMIES for 15% off your order on Baby Kaed.

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