First time around, we had one of those “My First Album” photo album baby toys (Who Loves Baby?). It ended up being one of my now-3-year-old’s favorite toys, he loved looking at pictures of us, himself and other family members. Of course, it got so completely slimed that I ended up having to throw it, and the pictures out once we were done with it.
Fast forward to baby #2, and I was planning on going to Babies R Us for the same toy until I saw some sample cards from Goosie Cards, customized flashcards made for baby and family.
I love these – they are made of laminated, heavy stock paper – substantial enough for little hands to hold and not bend. Plus the lamination is nice because you can wipe them clean from drool and other dirt factors. They’re big too (4.5″ by 7.5″), so they’re easy for little hands to grasp.
You can put whatever photos you’d like on the cards, as well as print wording below. If you don’t want to put your own photos in, or don’t have enough personal photos, they also have a gallery of images you can select from. (Pick a picture of an “apple,” put the word below the picture and use the card in an educational nature)
The cards come in 7-10 days in a nice box. The sets start at $28 each, use coupon code mwsspring07 to receive 15% off your order now through May 31, 2007,

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