I’m sure Emily Post would have a lot to say to the world if she were around to see the state of the world. The digital age has brought us much in the way of convenience but I think somewhere along the way, we have forgotten how nice it is to hand write a simple thank you card and to receive them in the mail.
My Mom of course reminds me of this endlessly. So I try and keep with tradition. I write thank you cards for my kids but I’ve been trying to remember to do family cards and thank you cares for my husband and myself. It helps too when I find nice product that encourages me to actually write something from all of us – like these beautiful cards from Paperluxe Studio that have my excited to write my next note. Her designs are classy, simple and elegant. We got a set of cards for my family like the one pictured above and I’m excited to get to use these. Now I just need someone to give me a reason to use one – who wants to have us over to dinner? 😉
Contact Paperluxe Studio for your own set of custom-designed family cards. Or if you’re not into the family thing – check them out for bridal shower favors, baby announcements and more.
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