VedaPURE is a line of amazing natural products developed by Dr. Natalie Geary. Veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge and references the ancient writings that inspire Dr. Geary, who now practices in Manhattan (she even has her own website with health and wellness advice for children,
Itchy, dry pregnant skin is going to be crave the VedaMAMA products. I tried out the Caress facial moisturizing cream ($50). My dry skin practically inhaled the organic olive oil based cream. It also contains aloe juice, olive butter, vitamin E, essential oils and rosemary. It calmed and soothed my face, which has been going haywire ever since I found out I was pregnant.

Don’t miss the other VedaMAMA products. There’s Relax – a chocolate mint body cream, Smooth – a body polish, Supple – a stretch mark cream, Nuture – a nipple cream that is safe for baby while nursing, Purify -an overnight detoxifying body cream, Luscious – a overnight nourishing face cream, Scrumptious – a shea butter body cream, Refresh – a refreshing ginger/lime body cream, and Butter – a rich body cream with shea, cocoa and mango butters. All creams retail for $50, except for Supple -which retails for $75.

So, pamper yourself. After all, you’re worth it! To buy, go to

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