We’re moving on past the traditional baby books and towards a digital option. My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule records all the necessities of your pregnancy to be later passed on to your child, and stores it all in a key-chain-sized USB device. Take it from your laptop to your desktop even to a non-medical ultrasound to load the images, thoughts and records straight on.
Without downloading a thing, questionaires and recording forms are brought up on your screen instantly and can be updated in just seconds.
My favorite parts are the questions for mom. It asks questions I haven’t really thought of in the past like “do you think you’ll be a better parent than your parents?” and offers space for elaboration. Each monthly area offers an opportunity to record your weight, your physical and emotional feelings, even favorite names of the moment. Moms-to-Be can describe their moods, birthplans and doctor visits as well as sibling reactions and write letters to the baby.
Simple to use, this has also been a fun activity for me in preparation for the baby. I love thinking through the questions, and having a spot to record the changes in my body and attitude. And I love how easy it will be to pass on this little USB to my child some day.
My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule is a great gift to a Mom-To-Be for $49.95. Soon to be available (and I want one!), Baby Book Time Capsule. Use Discount Code of “Mommy” for 40% off!


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