intelligender.jpg I always said that if I was brave enough to have a fourth child I would not find out the gender. I would be one of those moms who relished the mystery, smiled beautifically and kept everyone guessing. After all, I have children of both genders, so what difference would it make?
But apparently I was only thinking of myself. Because from the instant they learned I was pregnant, all that my two oldest daughters could talk about was, “So…. do you think it is a boy or a girl?” It’s a question that I hear about twenty-seven thousand times a day. Old wives have nothing on 10 and 7 year old girls who have decided that everything, from what I eat for breakfast, to what I wear and what time I go to bed, are a tale that can reveal the gender of this growing child within me. And then there are the practical considerations such as where is everyone going to sleep? With three bedrooms for four kids, it’s clear that someone is going to have to double up. Would it be the girls or the boys?
We’d all hoped for some relief at my 14 week detailed ultrasound but there was no answer in sight, as the umbilical cord was draped, just so, for complete privacy.
Fortunately for my sanity, while attending the Mom2Be show in Los Angeles yesterday, I discovered Intelligender. Intelligender is an at home test that predicts the gender of your baby in a mere 10 minutes. Similar to a home pregnancy test, it uses your first morning pee. It can predict gender with up to 90% accuracy (in lab tests) as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy. I only wish I had heard of it sooner – I certainly would have purchased this six weeks ago!
I knew I would be doing this test in the morning and actually dreamed about it all night long, I was so excited to take it. So much so that I could not stay asleep till the alarm went off. Nor could my kids. When I finally got out of bed at 6 am to take the test my 7 year old daughter came skidding into my bathroom in her jammies to find out the results.
The test itself was only slightly more involved than peeing on a stick. You have to pee in a cup and then measure off a certain amount of urine with the included syringe. Then you “inject” the urine into the test container, swirl it gently and wait to see whether it gets more yellow/orange or turns green/brown. All in all it was very simple and straightforward to use.
It worked perfectly for me, my results showed after only five minutes. The pee turned green! Want to know what that means? Click over to the website to see.
Although I feel pretty confident the test result was correct, there are of course factors that can skew the results and I still plan to ask the doctor to confirm the gender at upcoming ultrasounds. Meanwhile I’m still in complete amazement that this accurate of a home gender prediction test now exists! I heartily recommend it to anyone else out there, who is dying of curiousity as I was. It’s affordable, fast and although it is not 100% accurate ( then again, neither is ultrasound) it is fun to get a result a little sooner. Plus think of the advantage you will have on the pre-ultrasound betting pool!
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  1. can you update if you find out the gender via a scan? i’d love to know whether this was accurate for you!!

  2. This does work, I am pregnant with my second child and at 15 weeks decided I couldnt wait on the doctors anymore, I got up at 7am and the test took about 5 mins and it was a bright yellow, 2 weeks later the doctor announced It’s A Girl !!! and congrats on your son, mines will be 4 in August and my daughter is due in October ^.^

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