So several weeks ago ago, I was newly pregnant and finger-deep in those soap and water bowls that they soak your hands in while you’re having a manicure. As I was looking around, a sign on the wall in the boutique caught my eye.
It was an advertisement for Zoya nail polish and it was outlining the benefits of using Zoya when pregnant: It’s free of all those nasty chemicals in regular polish that supposedly aren’t safe to breath in – especially when you aren’t pregnant. (The product listing notes these chemicals are: formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate.)
I figured what the heck, and selected a color from their selection of Zoya polishes. The first thing I was excited about is that it didn’t have the nasty smell of normal nail polish, which was great as I was starting to get morning sickness that was set off by smell. Second, it applied and lasted like normal nail polish – which was my only concern with it. (“Will this peel in two days?” No, it didn’t peel any sooner than any other polish on my nails does.)
So I thought I’d pass it along to you all – pregnant or not – as, who wants to smell and use nasty chemicals when there is a more natural option. You can select from an array of colors on, and it ranges from $5-9 a bottle.


  1. yummmy:) thanks for your ideas , i’d adore to stick to your blog as frequently as i can.have a wonderful day~~


  1. […] Have you ever heard of Zoya? It’s one of the most mainstream of the eco-friendly nail polishes. Regular salons that aren’t necessarily green carry this brand along with the more popular brands like OPI and Essie. Zoya isn’t the only eco-friendly line out there, but Zoya has the most robust color selection (over 300 colors), which is why it’s more mainstream. It’s also one of the oldest eco lines and one of the first to remove Toluene, DPB, and Formaldehyde.  You will be happy to know Zoya is made in the USA and carries a popular reputation with the spa magazine crowd.  Personally, I have a couple shades of Zoya and the colors look brilliant on and lasted forever as a pedicure — probably better than any others I have. It’s also wonderful for all you expecting Mammas! […]

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