I am not naturally an exhibitionist. Nothing against belly barers, it’s just not me. But tell that to my bump. I swear that swelling belly conspires against me, forcing my pants down and tees up in a manner that is comical on a toddler but less than amusing on a shy/modest thirty-something suburban type. Fortunately for me and my easily embarressed family there are a few quick fixes available these days. I’ve found three products that I really like and with their help, I’m keeping my pants on and that bump less al fresco.
bellyup.jpg First up (literally!) is a little pair of suspender-lets (my own word for them) called Belly Ups. These nifty little do-dads hook onto your bra up top and your pants down below, ensuring that you don’t catch too much fresh air when you stoop to pick up the toy that your toddler has purposefully, delightedly, flung to the floor for the hundredth time (he knows mommy needs her exercise apparently). They are pure genius and have made me re-think my complete ban on low rider jeans. I will use these for years to come, well past pregnancy.
bellysock.jpg Now that my pants are not around my ankles, I have only the belly to contend with. I’m not ready or willing to invest in a full on wardrobe of maternity length tees, but I’ve never been comfortable with that cropped top look, even on the non pregnant. But three cheers for tummy privacy, coming at you courtesy of Bellysock. Mommies with Style readers save $5 on your order when you use the coupon code: MomsWStyle5.
Bellysock makes a solid colored tummy covering tube top with clever contouring to make sure it does not roll. When you wear it with your regular tees you get a cute layered tee look. It offers full frontal coverage and great comfort. The solid colors coordinate easily with my non maternity wardrobe, saving me some major $ by allowing me to stay covered while wearing most of my favorite tops and tees right up to the very end. And as an added bonus, I can keep wearing them later, to cover up my post baby jelly belly and to turn any tee into a nursing top. I will never have to worry about pesky unwanted midriff exposure again. Phew!
swellybelly.jpgJust because I like to mix it up, I am also using Swelly Bellys from Nine Moons. These tummy covers come in solids but it was their fabulous and funky print tubes that I could not resist. Made from a silky swimsuit like fabric, there are days when we all could use that punch of funky Pucci-esque print to perk up our preggo wardrobe. My bump is very partial to the gorgeously fun and wild prints. After all, it’s an exhibitionist.
If you see me out and about these days you may well spy my bump. But rest assured, I’ve got it covered!


  1. Lovely subtle post. Never thought that it was this easy. Kudos to you!

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