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17 Weeks Pregnant: Vivique Maternity Apparel, 10% off coupon code

Image and video hosting by TinyPic At 17 weeks pregnant, it’s finally time for me to start thinking about maternity clothes. Vivique Maternity Apparel, which launched last month, has some gorgeous pieces that I’m salivating over. The clothes are designed to work before, during and after pregnancy. Which makes me happy, because I spent so much money during my first two pregnancies on clothes that would not fit me afterwords (and weren’t that attractive anyway).

Their clothes are perfect for work or casual occasions. I love the chic look of the Classic Suit Dress (shown above) —even though I don’t have an office to go into everyday. The Ring Shirt ($110) would look great with the Classic Suit Skirt ($125) and Suit Jacket ($200). While these aren’t inexpensive clothes, they’re built to last and will work for years, before and after pregnancies. So you are getting more value for your money!

Designers Maria D’Anza and Deborah Munies created Vivique’s  patent-pending waistband, which according to their site, “allows bottom garments to tip out and expand, allowing them to be worn before, during and after pregnancy!”  This was inspired by Maria and Deborah’s own experiences during pregnancies. They knew what they didn’t like wearing and set out to create something better. We’re all been there — either tugging up huge stretchy panels or not fitting in certain pregnancy pants when your tummy gets too big! With Vivique’s new patent-pending waistband, women can keep their pants up and even wear a belt!

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Next week, they’re coming out with Cargo Pants ($120) – see picture above and a whole jeans line. Slim leg, boot cut, capri jeans and a jeans skirt will be available, in indigo or wash options. They’ve also got fabulous Bermuda Shorts coming soon.

Check out Vivique Maternity Apparel!

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Disclosure: While I do know Deborah professionally, I asked to write up her line and did not receive any compensation or samples for writing this post.

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