You know how when you’ve never heard of something, then you hear of it, it keeps appearing, over and over again? That’s how it is for me and Bellybar. When I received my samples I’m thinking I had this new product. A snacky-preggo thing that would be hard to find. And suddenly Bellybar is everywhere I go. Motherhood Maternity, Babies R Us, Amazon.
Bellybar, by Nutrabella, is the answer to craving. Want chocolate? Grab a Bellybar. Need a snacky-fruity-thingy? Grab a Bellybar Feel like downing a shake for breakfast? Bellybar Shakes to the rescue. Craving something and don’t know what? Grab a Bellybar.
Bellybar products are totally nutritious for a preggo or breastfeeding mom. They include all the nutrients and supplements an expecting mom or new mom needs. And they seriously do answer your cravings. The past few nights, when I start thinking cookies, I’ve been picking up a Mellow Oat bar instead. And to answer my constant fresh fruit salad dreams, I can grab a few Citrus On Board chewy supplements — they’re like a citrus-y candy. When I’m on the run and don’t quite have the chance to grab a full breakfast? (I know… bad! Julie! bad!) a Belly Bar Vanilla Dreams Shake fills up the morning nutrients.
Give it a try. You can buy and try at BRU or Motherhood Maternity or order in “bulk” of 4, 5 or 6 from Bellybar.

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