Every morning my kids have been enthused by 2 new learning toys: Nyokki and a Potato clock. And I’ll tell you, their enthusiasm is contagious.
Nyokki is a little egg that sits on the window sill above the kitchen sink. Each day we sprinkle it with water and, in the beginning, waited to see what would happen. After about 3 days of sprinkling, grass began to grow out of its head. Now, about 2 weeks old, Nyokki’s hair has been buzz cut and restyled, and we’re watching it grow again. Its a thrill for all of us, to see how Nyokki’s grass hair has grown each day. And there’s so little maintenance, its been a science experiment I haven’t minded.
Our other structured learning project lately is the Pacific Science Potato Clock , also available from Fat Brain Toys. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much, but after following the simple directions, the digital clock was able to run off the potato’s energy for about a week before it started slowing down. The kids loved it, and especially the fact that they learned how the clock worked. In fact, it didn’t take any time for them to suggest new “potato batteries” so their clock would work. And potatoes, as we all know, are much cheaper than batteries.

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