noncandy This 50 Non-Candy Easter Basket Items post did well back in April so I thought I’d re-visit the concept for Halloween.  These days everyone seems to have some sort of restriction – gluten-free, allergies or whatever reason they may have for not eating candy.  And honestly, we don’t have any restrictions but my boys get so much candy in their Halloween bags each year that I end up throwing out most of it in the end!  My kids always gravitate towards the toys and other non-candy items in their bag.

Obviously non-candy Halloween goodies have to have a lower price point than Easter basket items since you’re buying for more than just a couple of kids but some of them still worked:

1. Army Men
2. Balls
3. Bubbles
4. Play-Doh
5. Silly Putty
6. Yo-Yos
7. Glow Sticks
8. Crayons
9. Sidewalk Chalk
10. Slinky
11. Toy cars
12. Squinkies
13.  Shopkins
14. Stickers
15. Erasers
16. Pencils
17.  Spider & Bat Rings
18. Barrel of Monkeys (Hand out the monkeys)
19. Bendy Monster Toys like these on Oriental
20. Tattoos (here are some great ones on

Pretzels, Goldfish and other non-candy but decorated snack bags work too if you aren’t worried about allergies.

Do you have any good suggestions?  Comment below and I’d love to add it to the list.

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  1. Great list but you have bubbles twice 🙂

    So you need one more…how about a slinky??

    • OMG Kristen, you are right! Thanks for pointing that out – see what Mom brain is doing to me? Took you up on your Slinky suggestion because that’s perfect! Thanks!

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