Pregnant? Check out Belly Beats – a service where you can rent a fetal doppler for the duration of our pregnancy. Use coupon code THANKYOU for 20% off your order.
We’re fans here at Mommies with Style – several of us have rented and used dopplers from Belly Beats including Whitney (full review April 2006, 12 weeks) and Nancy (full review November 2007, 33 weeks)


  1. I rented my belly beats fetal doppler monitor at 8 weeks pregnant. I am so happy that I did. The fetal doppler is very sensitive, and detected my baby’s heartbeat even before my doctors fetal monitor could pick it up. It took a lot of worry out of my pregnancy. I even noticed early when my son was diagnosed with premature atrial contractions at 30 weeks pregnant The fetal doppler monitor picked it up, and led me to make a doctors appointment. ( the pac’s went away at 36 weeks ) Over all, I had a wonderful experience with using belly beats. The fetal doppler monitor was great, and the customer service was so nice. Next time I am pregnant, I will we renting from belly beats again.
    And they even offer a coupon for 15% Off your fetal doppler rental and entire order for every new customer use the coupon code WELCOME

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