So right now you can get free shipping with orders over $49, plus 20% off the entire website when you use coupon code 2DAY20.   The coupon expires November 10th so shop today fast – otherwise if you are reading this after the 10th, check out their Sales & Specials website for their current sale or special.  They seem to always have some sort of good deal or special going on so it’s worth always checking out.

I actually started visiting the CVS website recently when I received some Caliber office samples.  I wouldn’t normally think to shop at CVS for office supplies but I actually loved all of the items they sent – even more so loving the price point of many of the items.

I quickly lost the Recycled School Box to crayons and markers for my kids but I’m happy to report that I kept the Expanding File Case for myself for grocery coupons.

CVS provided product samples of several Caliber office supplies.


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