In conjunction with this week’s giveaway, I received a pair of Valter winter boots for my 3-year-old from Vincent Shoes. Upon opening the box, I was instantly sad at the lack of snow in the Philadelphia region this winter thus far, as I’d love to put these boots on my son and have him get them dirty in a big snow bank. (Soon! Just my writing this will jinx us with a Nor’Easter and several feet of snow, I know it.)
These boots are so sharp looking. But what I really love about them – they open and velcro all the way down towards the base of his foot, where his ankle meets his foot. This is the problem I constantly have with Nate – I can’t seem to jam his foot into boots, or ankle-high shoes, no matter how big, because his foot just doesn’t conform to Mommy! Getting these on was a breeze as they open all the way.
Check out these boots, the other collection of shoes on Vincent’s site (if you aren’t familiar, they are a Swedish company recently came to the US) and use coupon code MWS-JAN-07 for 20% off your order the entire month of January.
Note: they currently also have free shipping on orders of $75 or more and are having a great winter clearance sale.

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