During my first pregnancy in 2005, I lived in the Belly Belts. But they only made them in the button style. But it worked very well for some of my pants (and that was better than nothing!). I was very pleased to discover that now they make the Belly Belt Slide (for slide and clasp fastenings). I’m excited, because I can now use them with my many pairs or clasp fastening capris.
The Belly Belt Slide Kit ($17.95) contains 3 elasticized Belly Belts in small, medium and large, 3 colored panels in navy, beige and black and a storage bag (a great idea because it was hard keeping track of my original belly belt kit!).
According to product info,”Christine Kininmonth, a Sydney newsreader for Australia’s Sky News television channel, thought it up when she was pregnant in 1996. She was keen to stay in her suits for on-air work and hand-sewed a prototype.
For those moms who want to stay in their pre-preg pants, as long as possible, this product is for you. You’re still going to have to wear your shirt over your pants, but the colored panels fit the most popular colored pants (and if not, you’re wearing a shirt over it anyway!!) and work wonderfully.
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