Ugh. I have Rubbermaid tubs filled with bottles of the past. The big store would only take a few back, so they’re just sitting, waiting to be recycled.
Alas, that also means an entire new investigation of baby bottles, to prepare for pumping and feeding of the baby this summer. I have 2 big brothers who are so excited to be able to feed their baby, that I’m likely to be pumping even more.
The first BPA free bottle I’m trying is a Munchkin Healthflow. Its an 8 oz. glass bottle with a 0-6 month flow nipple. My favorite feature about this bottle is the “MIghty Grippers, molded ribs for easy gripping.” Because glass bottles are heavier than plastic, I want to be sure that there’s an easy way for my 3-year-old to hold onto the bottle when he’s feeding. (He’s already practicing.) Also available in 4 oz.


  1. How do you find out if your old bottles are BPA free or not? I have some Dr. Brown’s bottles that I bought 2.5 years ago. I will be breastfeeding again but its always nice to have a bottle when you need it. I wonder if I need to buy a new one.

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