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I just could not resist. Demeter has done it again. As if the childhood scents of dirt, grass and cotton candy were not enough. In honor of the honorable Doh co's 50th anniversary, they have now bottled childhood with... Eau de Playdoh! Yes it's wacky. And yet. Can't wait to smell it. This gem is selling for $18.99 at Perpetual Kid. They have … [Read more...]

I'm a sucker for a cute tee, and here's another site making great t-shirts for both pregnant Moms and kids alike. Georgie Tees sells tees with fun and catchy phrases printed on them. Some of my favorite maternity shirts of theirs include: "made it past third base" and "no longer childproof." And for the babies, you have to love: "bald is … [Read more...]

As any Mom who has traveled with a child knows, you need to have plenty of entertainment to ensure smooth sailing. is an online boutique that deals with just that - all of the items they stock and sell help entertain and make traveling with your child easier. They sell an array of compact toys, unique items and creative products. … [Read more...]

Julep Lounge combines both style and comfort in their line of clothes. Their items are made of "kashwere," which is the hottest new trend in celebrity clothing wear: it's a type of material that some say is softer than cashmere. What's nice about it is that it's good for everyday wear and you can toss it in the wash without having to care for it … [Read more...]

We recently tested out the Nap Mat. It's a tiny travel bed that comes in some cute patterns for boys and girls. It comes backed in a toddler-sized backpack, and unpacks into a small travel bed complete with pillow, floor mat and blanket. It's currently being sold on JCPenny's site in a fire truck or frog pattern, and is on sale for $14.99. It's … [Read more...]

For that in-between, "is she gaining weight or pregnant" stage, here's a product that helps resolve any confusion. [bump] (baby under manufacturing process) makes tees that tell everyone that you are indeed growing a child in there. They're cute and you can get them in tees, tanks, long-sleeve or even tees for men (sympathy [bump]s!) You can … [Read more...]

Running this site, I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of so many of you Moms. I don't know how you come up with so many ingenious ideas - but you do, and I'm continually impressed by ingenious and cute products like this one: the Baby Bunch. This "bunch of flowers," is in reality a bunch of baby clothes wrapped up to look like a boutique of … [Read more...]

Patchwork is "in," and I'm a sucker for these products at the Patchwork Bear. I particularly love their patchwork blankets. Each square is made up of a different fabric, pure heaven for a newborn or baby. Each square varies and is one of the following textiles: super soft "minky" fabric, chenille, flannel & satin. Each of these fabrics are soft … [Read more...]

"Feeling sexy" is not the choice of words I'd use to describe 9+ months of pregnancy. Here's a product that tries to help women feel that way while pregnant. Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear designs cute nightgowns to help you feel a little more attractive in your maternity months. Select from several product options - two piece nightgowns to short … [Read more...]

Handbag and accessory maker Rita Wilcox is having a great summer sale - up to 25% off on some of their bags. And they sell some adorable bags - Bermuda Bags, totes, clutch bags, diaper bags and more. The Quilted Bag makes a great diaper bag as they're really ample and casual. The large one is big enough for a short overnight trip or day … [Read more...]