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Did you think you found the perfect bag... only to find its one pocket short? Or you love the organization, but not the look? Then its time to get Wicked! Wicked Stitch Designs, that is. Wicked Stitch allows you to create your bag. So if you want a pocket here, a strip of Velcro there, some elastic over there; then that's what you get. Have 3 … [Read more...]

Here's a little more sugar free sweetness that won't give you sugar shock this Halloween. To celebrate the arrival of their new updated website, Sweetness Products is offering discounts and free gifts with purchase. If you are not familiar with this novel line of maternity sashes that convert to offer postpartum support and even become your baby's … [Read more...]

Ok, I am going to be that mom. Kind of. No I'm not passing out orange and black beribboned toothbrushes and floss this Halloween. Because, hey even the pediatric dentist on our block passes out candy - although that may be a job security ploy. But today's post is dedicated to infant/toddler oral hygeine. To what comes after that delightful … [Read more...]

Wow, I love this one. Em Jewelry makes personalized photo tile necklaces. Each tile holds a photo of your child or children and is classy and unique looking. It's like a cool, modern-day version of a locket. Your photo is displayed right on the face of the tile, which is adored with beads and some nice strand choices. The photo is black and … [Read more...]

Edit 10/31/06 - okay sorry guys, apparently this one doesn't work. I got it from a reliable source too where it had been tested so I'm thinking they pulled it after too many people were using it. Bummer! Use coupon code CHEER06 for 30% off your purchase. Free shipping... expires November 5, 2006. Excludes sale items and some brands, see site … [Read more...]

My son's latest morning routine involves coming in to wake us up, and then climbing into bed with us and asking us to get under the "fort." As Moms know, kids love tents, forts, places they can hide and let their imagination run wild. The TeePee for Me is a fantastic play item for your child. They come in some fabulous fabric choices, and rise … [Read more...]

Wow Imports sells some fun and different gifts, like this cake server adorned with colored glass beads and a wipe wrapped design. Most of their items handcrafted, African bead art like the cake server. Check it out - their items make for some different and fun holiday gifts. They've got free shipping on sales over $50, and in addition, use coupon … [Read more...]

So I recently got ahold of a copy of this book, This Little Piggy went to Prada: Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade. So funny. For those of you who have read Bergdof Blondes, this is like the kids version. Each rhyme has it's own modern twist to it relating to fashion, shopping and couture culture. For example, "There was an old woman who … [Read more...]

Introducing………the newest member of the Gap Inc. family……Piperlime! What is Piperlime you may ask? It’s the new online shoe store that carries the latest styles and hot designers for women, men and children. They have amazing shoes that I have not seen anywhere else and being the shoe maven that I am, I must confess to already … [Read more...]

If eyes are the window to your soul, then consider Talika your professional window dresser. I first came across these excellent products when I sampled them at the Showtime Emmy Lounge. Talika, based in France, is a company that is devoted to skin, eye and nail care products and whose lash and brow formulations are clinically proven to improve the … [Read more...]