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We recently finished the basement, and with the basement came the much needed playroom. I wanted to decorate the playroom with a simple, classic look. Something fun, friendly, and not overwhelming. Like all design "students" I tore pages and pages from catalogs and books. And the look I kept finding was a border of letter cards. Simple. … [Read more...]

One of my favorite pre-kid weekend activities was grabbing a cup of coffee, lounging on the couch and watching an episode of House Beautiful on a lazy Saturday morning. I got such a thrill out of seeing the clean lines and innovative, stylish homes. I drooled over all the beautiful items they showcased each week that my home seemed to demand. Well, … [Read more...]

Having a 3 year old, I've learned that costumes aren't just for Halloween any more. Time after time I turn to find my big guy holding his pirate suit, construction jacket, or even his fireman raincoat, saying "Mommy, please help me put this on." And then 5 minutes after pirating around the house, he's back, asking to be dressed as Goliath, from … [Read more...]

It's all about the packaging, right? Here's one that takes the cake on packaging and it's just too fun as a gift for that friend who loves eating sushi: Baby Rolls from Sam & Bellie. These onesies come organized in a take-out sushi box and are wrapped up in tissue to look like the roll you've ordered. We've got the Spicy Tuna roll; it's been … [Read more...]

3 o'clock - school time. 4 o'clock - dance time. 5 o'clock - errand time. 6 o'clock - soccer time. Dinner - NO time. Sound familiar? Want a healthy meal for your family, but don't have the time? Here is a great solution for busy moms. What's Cookin' Mama is a Family Meal Planning Service that offers easy, affordable, and family-friendly menus … [Read more...]

I just think this is adorable. The Children's Place now has matching PJs for the whole family. Moms and Dads can pick theirs' up online. Can't you just see it on Christmas Morning? Save 15% with code HE96 through October 29. Shipping is only $5. ... and if you're looking for slippers, they're only $8.50 at TCP. … [Read more...]

Having recently given birth, the attention I now turn to my tummy has to do with stretch marks left behind. Towards the end of my pregnancy I discovered Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Solutions by Motherís Intuition. While pregnant, I started using the Tummy Honey Butter which was super moisturizing to prevent further stretch marks and now after the … [Read more...]

You know how people love "theme" showers? Like, ooh! Its so fun to go through an entire day with gifts! Why not be sassy? Head on over to Wry Baby and put some humor in your gifts. Wry Baby reaches in and pulls out the sense of humor in even the humorless and terrified parents-to-be. So, you were assigned 2 am? With gifts like the "Wheel of … [Read more...]

Hey guys - I love my SaraBear Basket, it's a great little portable diaper caddy and makes a great shower gift. They've recently launched a new line and have a 15% coupon to celebrate - check it out: SARABEAR for 15% off all sales, expires November 24th. … [Read more...]

Just when I thought I'd almost gotten over my near lust for the Mia Bossi Maria, they go and introduce a new must-have messenger style bag to their line. This one is called the Reese,inspired of course, by the classy and stylish Reese Witherspoon - a genuine mommy style icon. What I love about this bag, which should come as no big surprise to … [Read more...]