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Tis the season. Time to hang lights to remind Santa to stop at your home. Time to light the candles on the Menorah at every nightfall. Time to ... well, that all depends. Lots of families have their own traditions. Some passed down for generations. But as so many of us have new families, its nice to be able to create our own tradition. Something … [Read more...]

Hey guys, this coupon was too good to pass up! Precious Personalities (owned by our very own reviewer Julie) is offering a great coupon code for today only - 25% off your entire order on the site. Stock up for the holidays! You have until 10 pm ET so shop quickly. Use coupon code 113006 for 25% off everything. (She sells Signing Time, Diapees … [Read more...]

Tis the season to treat others, but take a moment to treat yourself. Or just drop a hint to that special someone who has been tasked with treating you to a new diaper bag this holiday season. Now through 12/31/06 Baby Brown's is offerring Mommies With Style $15 off all orders over $100 with the code MWSHOHO. … [Read more...]

Two of my favorite sleepers for Cole are from Pixie Lily. These sleepers are made of the softest cotton and are so luxurious feeling. I'm telling you guys, the fabric feels like something fit for a queen. I have matching sleepers and receiving blankets and I love when I can wrap my baby up in these as I can only imagine how comfortable it must … [Read more...]

A group of bridesmaids gathered around the bride at a bridesmaid luncheon. All had been told, "I'll provide the jewelry as my appreciation to you", so none of these fashionable ladies brought jewelry for tomorrow's wedding. But, when the bride handed out the jewels, she explained that while the necklaces were just what she had hoped for, the … [Read more...]

I just got one of these cute Christmas time tees from Nina & Tom for my almost-3 year old. As soon as I opened the package, he insisted on putting it on. And of course he HAD to wear it to bed that night and getting it off him the next morning was a battle! Can't say I blame him as it's festive and very cute. I love all the tee designs from Nina … [Read more...]

Always trolling Amazon for good deals, I came across this fun toy that I think I'm going to order for Cole as a gift from Santa. Considering that his older brother is getting a mountain-full of toys from Santa, I figure the poor kid deserves a few new toys that weren't hand-me-downs! This Dinosaur infant toy is a great deal, as it's normally $66 … [Read more...]

Don't you love the question? You slave all day with laundry, cleaning up the floors, paying bills, driving carpool, volunteering at school, working... and you get home and BAM! Dinner time! I've actually been surprised by how much I really enjoy cooking. Surprised for several reasons, beginning with my first experience in Home Ec (my goodness, I'm … [Read more...]

I have a little checklist of points, that helps me when I write diaper bag reviews. I've memorized it. And the minute I unwrap a bag, I'm already holding my breath as I tick items off my list. Exterior Appearance? Check. Pockets? Check. I'm pretty demanding, like an Olympic Figure Skating Judge. What's this, I might question? Cheap hardware? … [Read more...]

We're only a couple of weeks in, so I haven't had the need for a bib yet - but if this baby is anything like my first son, he'll be a drooler. My first son was pretty much in a bib from newborn age until 12 months old. Even his nice Christening pictures show him wearing his antique white gown with a big ugly blue bib over it. So given our … [Read more...]