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Best wishes to all mommies due in 2007, your child will be born in the year of the Pig. Want to celebrate in only the cutest way? Check out the sweet innocence portrayed in the bodysuits and bibs based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. A great shower gift for an '07 baby, or a holiday gift just in time for a newborn (in the case of 2006 babies, … [Read more...]

Is it me, or are children's products getting more and more fabulous over the years? Its almost unfair really. I am very disappointed that my own childhood has already been spent. Because if I'd known what treasure the future held, surely I would have saved up a few rainy afternoons to be a child again, and dress up in the delightful creations from … [Read more...]

I had forgotten how vulnerable babies seem, especially as newborns. That's why I spent some time this weekend pulling out all the old blankets, fleeces and cold-weather items to keep my newborn warm as we face the long winter. I added several items from Brooks Pond. I have both a buggy blanket and carrier cover and intend on using them as it … [Read more...]

A good site to shop for unique toys this holiday season is Dot's Toys. They have a great array of learning toys and noise-free toys, including many wooden toys and puzzles, puppets and more. Use coupon code Mommies for $5 off your minimum purchase of $30, expires November 30th so shop fast! … [Read more...]

Hey all, this is a great deal. We reported in our weekly newsletter Tuesday that V-Tech's V.Smile system was 50% off at Amazon, selling for $30 (normally $59.99). The price seems to be going up and down, as we received several emails from folks not seeing the discounted price. The price was indeed up again yesterday - but now it's back down. You … [Read more...]

Hey all, shop today on and receive 12% off your order, as well as free shipping all day. … [Read more...]

Polly Pocket and her friends Lila, Shani, Lea and Crissy can't wait to begin the most spectacular adventure ever! Polly Pocket is an optimist who regularly puts the needs and feelings of others before herself, so when she and her friends are invited to spend the weekend in the "PollyWorld" theme park and compete in a reality show called "Roll Like … [Read more...]

My sister-in-law just forwarded me this great coupon code at Darling Shoes. I'm not sure of the quality of the shoes but the prices are pretty rockin' and it's worth checking out. 70% off and $5.99 shipping on everything if you order by November 24th - use coupon code BLITZ70. … [Read more...]

Somewhere between crawling and walking, my 1 year old picked up a pair of shoes and started talking about them. "Sooooes" he said again and again, while trying to put them on his feet. In his every effort to be like his big brother, he's constantly trying to wear big boy shoes. But with my insistance to let his feet grow naturally and healthily … [Read more...]

As long as there have been low riders, and thongs, we women have had issues. And as mothers, our issues are even greater. Because small children delight in nothing more than throwing things to the ground for their mamas to retrieve. You'd think by now we would have learned, at the very least to bend from the knees, to do the plies we learned in … [Read more...]