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If there is one thing I love about this time of year it is all the Top Ten Lists. I'm a sucker for lists any time of the year but even more so as the clock is ticking the minutes down to the New Year. I'd like to share with you some of my favorite products that were reviewed in 2006. Some were from my own reviews, some from others. All are things I … [Read more...]

This was a tough assignment. MWS writers are pretty fortunate. We get to review products we love, and readers can usually tell just how much we love them. So when I was asked to list my top ten reviews for 2006, I stuttered. I paused. I procrastinated. My top 10?! How can I do that? That's like asking me which is my favorite movie of all time. Or … [Read more...]

Just in time to bless the Baby New Year, comes this Birth Blessing Kit from Two Plums Paper. Its such a goodie that it's making my top ten list if things I love for the year. If you have a pregnant friend, a shower to attend, or if you yourself are pregnant, you really need to get this! I first heard about the kit, but did not see it, while … [Read more...]

You know how you have that one pair of jeans that you always feel fab in? Or that one tee that just radiates cool/hot/it- girl vibes the minute you walk in the room? It's hard to put your finger on the mojo that gives a garment such chic, but here's a tip - it often helps if it is imported. About a month ago I was idly flipping through Junior … [Read more...]

So of course I'm biased, but we got the cutest birth announcements from Belly Bean Designs to send out introducing the newest member of our family. We selected a 5x7 announcement on cardstock (as opposed to photo paper) - an original design that was just gorgeous and featured an array of photos of our new baby. The announcement we picked was … [Read more...]

Greenies, concerned parents, orgoes, what-have-you, as an online parent, you've surely read about the hazards of plastics recently. Cook in it: bad. Heat in it: bad. Use in the diswasher: bad. Perhaps Benjamin Braddock was better off focusing on Mrs. Robinson, therefore ignoring the infamous one-word suggestion: plastics. Concerned as I am about … [Read more...]

I never get tired of finding cute tees for kids. Lil Rodo has some funky ones - tees that read, "Sweeet," "I make stuff up," and more; plus onesies with sayings like, "Time to repress another memory" and "newbie" (with a cracked egg), amusing parents and more. Check them out on Lil Rodeo and use coupon code Lilro415 for 15% off your order. … [Read more...]

I recently asked my kids what their favorite holiday gift was. They were showered with presents this year, some great and some, frankly, crap. I expected them to wax poetic about their Littlest Pet Shop snails, or the makeup kits that some sneaky and diabolical (and desperate to be popular) aunt always sends. But no. This year's gotta have it item … [Read more...]

When I was in college, I strangely never kept an day planner. I was able to keep my day to day assignments and to-dos in my head and surprisingly, I was never late and almost never forgot an assignment. I used to pride on my super memory skills that seemed immune to my weekend antics. So cheap beer and late nights didn't do it but Mommyhood did, … [Read more...]

Hey all - be sure to check out the Mommies with Style Holiday Guide while you still can! We're pulling it shortly after the New Year, so shop now and take advantage of post-holiday sales with some of the great coupon codes that are offered. … [Read more...]