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Mommies with Style Maternity Writer Nancy gave birth to her baby girl this afternoon around 2:30 pm PT via C-section. Her name is Allegra Jade and that's all I know for details. Congrats to Nancy, her husband and big brother Ben! … [Read more...]

This year's been a big one for me. I entered it with an infant and I'm leaving it with a toddler. We also potty trained Nate earlier last winter (had just turned 3); I've enjoyed a full year of not being pregnant (yay), and I spent most of 2007 breastfeeding, ending (sadly) in the late fall. I've been though a gamut of products over the course … [Read more...]

Since I became pregnant in April and starting posting reviews on Mommies With Style in June, I've come across a lot of great products that have made my life easier or made me feel better. Most of my top picks are pregnancy related. Enjoy! 1. Bumpil's On the Way Pillow I love Bumpil's On the Way Pillow because A) it stopped my leg cramps at 31 … [Read more...]

Ahhh... the end of another year. A time for champagne, chick peas, football, countdowns and an endless number of top 10s. Saying sayonara to '07, a look at my top 10 reviews in, of course, no particular order: Suzanne Myers Jewelry Of the 350 days since receiving this necklace, I'd be surprised if I didn't wear it 340 days. This gorgeous piece has … [Read more...]

We're getting down to the wire here, the baby could come any day. While she's still breech, and I am scheduled for a C-section, baby girl could still turn. And if she does, I will be ready for labor. I feel ready for anything because of 1 More Push's great labor & delivery kit ($55). Even if I have the C-section, all these items can be used … [Read more...]

Here's a great chance to start your New Year off organized, at least inside your diaper bag! Select print clutches are currently on sale for 20% off at Joyababy. Choose from Chocolate/Blue Stripe, Pink/Green Stripe, Blue/Green Stripe, Black/White Dot, and Camo prints. Quantities are limited so don't delay! … [Read more...]

Total high-fashion celeb style, hats are hot this season. Not only do they keep heads warm, but wear the right one and your head will be head-turning. Even cuter than a hat on you, of course, is a hat on a child. And how hot are these caps by Born to Love Clothing? Available in sizes 6 months through 7T, find your favorite visor beanie for keeping … [Read more...]

I am among the more “well endowed.” I love the look of wrap shirts and V-necks which flatter me, except when they are gaping open and offering up a bit too much cleavage. This is especially a problem because Mia loves to hold on to one side of my shirt and pull when being carried. I have tried the double sided tape but its useless when going … [Read more...]

Written by a breastfeeding mama who's been there done that, Mama Knows Breast, a beginner's guide to Breastfeeding, is a great gift for expecting Moms, or first time Moms who will be breastfeeding. It's full of breastfeeding stories and tips on all sorts of breastfeeding techniques and issues. It's small and short, the perfect size when you're … [Read more...]

Underdog is a cute story about a beagle named Shoeshine who flunks out of K-9 training and falls into the hands of a devious doctor, who through a secret experiment gone wrong, gives Shoeshine incredible superpowers including the ability to fly and speak. After escaping from the crazy doctor and his henchman, Shoeshine is adopted by an ex-cop. … [Read more...]