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At a recent pre Golden Globes gifting suite, celebs and their tots were showered with gifts from dozens of luxurious baby companies. But it was familiar brand Munchkin that celeb parents got gushy about. Stars flocked to Munchkin to pick out everday must haves and modern necessities from this well trusted manufacturer. New parents like Dr. Linda … [Read more...]

Once upon a time there was a shopper. The shopper was shopping a in great worldly bazaar. All around her were toys and goodies of every size, shape and variety. This story is a little like the old fable about the Sun and the Wind. The Wind makes a bet with the Sun that he is more powerful and can get the traveller to remove his coat. So he blows … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown just put out a new collection, her “Winter Blahs” collection. I couldn’t help sauntering over to the make up counter and trying it on. It gave me the lift I needed. Just brightened everything up a little. Who couldn’t use that? Especially when its so gray out. I got the handy Tawny Shimmer Brick and Lip kit. It has a … [Read more...]

It wasn't until I was pregnant this last time around that I even heard they made formaldehyde-free nail-polish. One company where you can find chemical-free nail polish is By Nubar. Their nail polish has zero Formaldehyde, Toluene or (DBP) Phthalate, all toxins which, according to their website, have caused cancer and reproductive defects in … [Read more...]

When I first received Wesley's Chic & Clean Coverall, I hesitated. A full-coverage bib? Who would need that? And what mom has the time, not to mention child with the patience, to put one on? Recently, though, while I had my handsfull in a hands-on project with Carson, Wesley toddled to the fridge saying "yogurt...yogurt." Being the neat-ish family … [Read more...]

While we are in the dead of winter here in the Northeast, it is never too early for me to start thinking about summer! While my family and I enjoy being outdoors during the summer, I am very careful in ensuring that my daughter is well protected from the harmful rays of the sun while at the beach, pool or wherever. In the spirit of protecting my … [Read more...]

In my endless search to organize my diaper bag another product makes it in. The Diaper Clutch. It’s so convenient because it holds a few diapers and your disposable wipes case within a pouch with an opening to access your wipes. I also like it for my diaper bag because it is not at all bulky. With all the things I end up throwing in, it’s … [Read more...]

So for awhile now, my 3-year-old has been really fascinated with the mail system. Anytime he spots the mailman, it's a big production. And of course packages, well, that's a whole additional ball game. Packages are so exciting, even better when they are addressed to him. So given this whole mail-obsession, I knew that the Color-A-Card Kit would … [Read more...]

... but in case you are stumped, this book gives you 100,001 names to peruse and choose from. The Complete Book of Baby Names lists all sorts of names based on ethnicity, race, gender, and more. Tips as well on naming your second baby and how to make sure it fits with the first. Buy it on Amazon for $11.01, spend $25 and get free shipping. … [Read more...]

Another cute diaper bag accessory is the Pish Posh Wipes Case from Ruby's Kids. Rather than carrying that plain 'ole white plastic case that comes from Huggies or Pampers, you can use one of these decorated cases to add a little pizzazz to your bag. Each wipes case is $20. Use coupon code MWS for 15% off your order of this and anything else on … [Read more...]