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Another item I couldn't live without as a nursing Mom: my GlamourMom tank tops. Julie raved on and on about these and I wish I had listened sooner. I had one sitting in my closet for weeks before I actually went to put it on. And I haven't looked back. I recently ordered more at SuperMomz because I prefer wearing these to wearing a nursing … [Read more...]

I am the Elizabeth Taylor of stroller affairs. I've had 25 relationships over the years. Some lasted a few years, others were mere airport flings. I've also been polygastrollus for the most part - hitched to multiple strollers at a time. It's so hard to find just one stroller to love. Especially when you need one in such a variety of situations. … [Read more...]

I don't know if I should be admitting this, but this onesie is very appropriate for our house. Because we're certainly under the tv influence here. (You know it's sad when your child sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song each time he sees a Mickey.) And this is just one of many fun designs from Tomat Kids. Their tees remind me of … [Read more...]

So I thought this was a cool incentive worth blogging about for anyone who may be interested. Beautiful Futures (who makes cool tees for your kids) is looking for local Mommy reps. A Mommy rep sells their line at local boutiques - earning extra cash while selling their stuff. Anyway, their current initiative involves a Kit from Hooked on Phonics … [Read more...]

There are good gifts, and not so good gifts. Gifts that are oh-so-cute and not-so-useful—like stuffed animals. As much as I love a few furry and cuddly ones, I’m fairly certain that of the dozens and dozens… and dozens of stuffed animals, my husband and I purchased none of them. And, as cute as they are, they cause an organization and … [Read more...]

Hey guys - here's a cool way to donate to support something good. Tracey from Tiny Sprouts is doing the Walk of America in support of her niece who was born prematurely and passed away recently. She is matching whatever her donors contribute on her website, Tiny Sprouts. In other words, you donate $50 in cash to her cause and you'll receive a … [Read more...]

Coupons... discounts and more! Have you checked it out? It's a great place to shop! Some sample coupons include: -VINCENT SHOES - MWS20 for 20% off (cute shoes, great sales too) -GRAY C GLASS - "mommieswithstyle" into the comments section for 20% off (refund after purchase). I just bought one of these nightlights for Nate's room and it's … [Read more...]

Celeb moms somehow manage to look stellar all through their pregnancies. Sometimes its the custom maternity clothes. And sometimes its knowing exactly what fabulous piece of couture will still work when you are halfway through a twin pregnancy. And don't want to compromise your style. Enter LA darling designer Single Dress. Why do stars like Marcia … [Read more...]

BabyDish, whose BabyBeReady Diaper Bag Survival Kit is used by celebrity parents such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, and Gwyneth Paltrow, has joined the fight to find a cure for Canavan Disease, a rare genetic disorder that has no known cure. Designer Stacie Mindich-Jordan, BabyDish’s founder, has now created the Jacob’s Cure Smiley … [Read more...]

We buy most of our diapers at BJs (wholesale warehouse). It's pretty much the biggest reason we've been going there for years - we go and stock up on bulk diapers and wipes. So I was psyched to learn of a new service that sells the same diapers in bulk, at great prices and shipped to your door. has recently launched and they offer … [Read more...]