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I have been using my newborn nephew as my guinea pig in order to find all the best products for my son who will be born in just about 7 weeks. I’ve heard rave reviews about the Pronto by Skip Hop and decided to check it out for myself. For those of you who are not familiar with the Pronto, it is a highly functional portable diapering essentials … [Read more...]

I first discovered Lexie Barnes back in 2005. My first review of her bags was of the Darling, which to this day continues to be one of my most favored bags. I now own two Darlings and although I use many diaper bags, I always fall back on hers. So I was excited to check out her new backpack line, the Duchess. So I asked my friend Rachael (two … [Read more...]

Recently, I received this so cute pint-sized bracelet from Dolce Sweet Jewels for my daughter. The Bella Butterfly bracelet, part of Dolce Sweet’s Girlie Personalized Keepsake bracelets, features my daughter’s name surrounded by sterling silver and pink butterfly beads, fresh water pearls, and pink and green swavorski crystals. There are … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago I was at a friend's baby shower, when I noticed a little girl running around in a pair of orange mary janes with a soft, natural colored rubber sole. I was distraught. They were utterly adorable, and I did not recognize them. I felt truly off my game. Remiss in my duties. So I chased that little pigtailed cutie down, tackled her and … [Read more...]

"Take flight and begin" -- is exactly what I hope my child thinks as he begins each day. Kukunest's child-inspired bedding reaches out to the children, greeting their mornings and slumbers, inspiring them to "take flight and begin." Kukunest's fabrics are whimsy, innocent and creative. They're light-hearted, inspirational and playful. And just as … [Read more...]

Here's a cool and different bag, the baby care bag from Studio Cherie. She's fashioned these bags after the traditional-looking camera bag and it's fun looking. It doesn't scream "diaper bag," yet has all the functionality of one. It has a built-in changing pad, just zip down and it unrolls to reveal a pad and a built-in wipes pocket that you … [Read more...]

So we had the baby's Christening yesterday. I was feeling kind of blah about what to wear so I ran out at the last minute and picked up a cute brown dress from Ann Taylor, as I wanted my "I'm a nice wholesome Mom who at least looks like she goes to church regularly" look. To complete the outfit, I wore this pictured brown "Y" Swarovski crystal … [Read more...]

I thought this was a wonderful initiative worth posting. Flour Pot Cookies is spreading some happiness to kids who need it. The Flour Pot is donating cookies to the Ronald McDonald House - one cookie for every drawing or note they receive in the mail. The drawing will then be attached to a cookie and given to a child at the Philadelphia Ronald … [Read more...]

They say the best ideas are simple ones done right. And the fresh crop of slings from Sakura Bloom are right as rain! Mothers have been wearing children in slings for hundreds of years. Slings need no proof of utility - they have stood the much tougher test of time. They are comfortable, versatile and allow you to get on with your life while … [Read more...]

I had no idea what these 4 words meant until we just started (and haven’t stopped) watching Disney’s recently released Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Great Clubhouse Hunt! Mickey and his friends are planning the biggest springtime Easter party ever, but the festivities are put on hold when Mickey's magical clubhouse mysteriously breaks … [Read more...]