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Little Uni found a little niche. We all know how popular cutesy-t-shirts are. And we all know how much mamas and papas love their children's names, especially seeing those names on everything. So Little Uni took those loves and combined them, coming up with a truly unique concept. They personalize sweet and modern baby shapes with the message or … [Read more...]

Last week's contest was a hit on our boards. Mommies with Style were asked the question: What is your family doing to help the Earth? If you need some ideas, read up on the plethora of creative ways our members are helping the environment. Winners of 2 SIGGs, one mommy, one child, were randomly drawn from those who entered. Congratulations to our … [Read more...]

Like many new moms, I started out motherhood fully obsessed with Diaper bags. Motherhood was scary and unfamiliar, but accessories, I knew. I considered myself an expert on changing bags, long before I was an expert on changing diapers. Once I was an expert at the diapering, however, I found myself gazing longingly back to my former playground. The … [Read more...]

The world revolves around them and now the story does too. Thanks to Phototales, a new company producing amusing stories for children that utilizes pictures of them and their parents. There are four stories to choose from : A “Potty Story”, a “Birthday Story”, a “When I Grow Up” story that features your child in an alphabetically … [Read more...]

Sandbox Threads offers some great retro and hip-looking tees for your kids. With various tee categories such as "Vintage Toys and Ads" (Atari, Rubik Cube, Norman Rockwell), "Future Activist" (Make Cookies Not War), and "Cheeky Monkey" (I see BIG people), as just some of their designs, there's literally something for every Mom here. Free shipping … [Read more...]

Il Cocco Di Mamma offers high quality tees and onesies featuring cute international sayings like Bella, Que Pasa?, C’est la Vie! The Tees/Onesies are 100% combed organic cotton. My daughter has one with clouds on the front with simply the word “Cielo” written across and the translation “Heaven Sent” on the back and a pink tee with Bella … [Read more...]

My sister (only eats organic, is vegetarian) lives a very eco-friendly lifestyle. She emailed me this week and said I should post this book - It's Easy Being Green - to everyone, apparently she just got it and it has some really great and simple tips for earth-friendly living. Check it out on Amazon; free shipping with a purchase of $25 or more. … [Read more...]

We all know that using a High Efficiency washer and dryer will help the environment. Here's another laundry tip: dropps, a Dissolvable, Ready-to-use, Organic, Premeasured Packet, is a simple way to help. Instead of measuring and pouring your old detergent, you can grab a dropp out of the bag and literally drop it into your tub. There's no … [Read more...]

We've already had a great response, and our forum members are learning from each other's responses. Here are some of our favorites: I am also going to remove our address from the national junk mail lists! You too can do this by going to the FTC website. We are looking into a veggie car! My family and I will continue to help Clean Up our Beach DS … [Read more...]

"Helping parents protect their children from harmful environmental exposures," Healthy Child, Healthy World is a great online resource for ways you can keep your kids safe and help support world preservation. They have a wealth of information on their site. I also like their blog, which gives daily updates and tidbits worth reading. … [Read more...]