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Hey all - wanted to introduce Cheryl. For those of you who don't read the message boards, Cheryl is a crazy and inspiring Mommy who is embarking on her first marathon this fall. She's in training with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program, and she's agreed to share some of her experiences, fitness tips and product ideas as … [Read more...]

Check it out - Vincent Shoes launched a big sale today, 25% off on tons of summer shoes. Get shopping while supplies last... … [Read more...]

Every now and then, I feel like my reviews here get so specific that I forget to mention the every day items we're using. And I wanted to have an excuse to share a photo of my little man. Here he is this Memorial Day weekend just chilling out in the baby pool I purchased from Walmart ($3.68, gotta love it!). He's wearing a Baby Basics Sun hat from … [Read more...]

This latest tee my older son's been wearing has been a big hit with friends and family. (If you can't read it from their image, it reads "Future Team Owner" with "Quarterback" crossed out.) This tee is only one of many bibs, onesies and tees with cute sayings that they have for sale on the Prophecy Wear site. You can use coupon code MOMBUYS for … [Read more...]

Wesley's been doing the squeaky dance lately. Every time he puts on his new Squeaker Sneakers, he dances. And jumps. And runs and runs. Laughing and laughing. They have to be the funniest shoes I've ever heard. That's right... heard. These shoes have a tiny little squeaker in them. The squeak, which you can hear on the Squeaker Sneakers website, … [Read more...]

You know that moment of terror you experience when you realize that your kids have a birthday party to attend in fifteen minutes and you forgot to buy a card for the gift? How about when you are about to leave town and your best friend calls to tell you she is pregnant? Or when you get sick the night before teacher appreciation day and cannot drag … [Read more...]

Hey all - it's been awhile since we did a contest and here's a cool one running over the weekend. Enter to win this neat birth necklace for Dad from Little Jules. Just in time for Father's Day! She'll personalize it and have it shipped off to you in time to give it to Dad on his big day. It's so easy to enter, you'd be crazy not to. Simply … [Read more...]

A site with entirely Modern finds, Small and Medium has clothing, bedding, toys and more. Carrying lines such as Appaman, Speesees and Paulina Quintana, Small and Medium is the place to shop for a look you won't find everywhere, I'm calling it the "non-mall" look. This is the type of clothing that really speaks to kids. My son pointed out the Lucky … [Read more...]

I like products that are practical and add utility. But when a practical utiliarian item gets itself all dressed up as a fashion accessory, I am in love! Living in sunny, breezy Southern California, my children get a lot of sunshine. Too much sometimes. Few strollers shades offer complete coverage and so we have always done the blankie drape. But … [Read more...]

Here's a new one I thought I'd share with you all, diaper bags from Jenny Norene Design. Reasonably priced at $99, their Sport Utility Bag is their answer to Mom's diaper bag. Some highlights: -plenty of pockets, you certainly won't lack for a place to stash your stuff in this bag. (There's actually seven mesh pockets inside alone.) -a … [Read more...]