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Are you always on the prowl for that perfect pair of jeans? I know I am, well that is several perfect pairs. This extends even to my 8 month old daughter. Especially since her jeans can be adorned so much cuter than I can get away with wearing. Her latest denim is pair of appliqu├ęd jeans from CCC Gifts. They are so so cute. The jeans that … [Read more...]

Recently I heard something that sounded too good to be true. It was about a shoe that reduced cellulite, just by wearing it. Seriously. Well I figured that if I had to throw myself in front of that train for the benefit of you readers, so be it. I was willing to do that for you all. Okay, okay...maybe not just for you all. Maybe it was in the name … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from My Rockstar Baby: My Rockstar Baby - Label Gives New Meaning to Tongue-in-Chic Would you consider yourself a fashionista? Then you know that the hottest new accessory hitting Hollywood these days is a baby! But what do you do when you are a stylish celebrity or a fashionable mom and you need your offspring … [Read more...]

I'll admit it. At first I was not sure what the big deal was with the Bopalots. I mean, yeah they are kinda cute and blobby, and my kids love music. But we have a ton of song and dance videos. What was so special about this one? And why was my son asking to watch it again and again? Was there some kind of subliminal message? Well no. Not really. … [Read more...]

Recently, my son's preschool sent a note home about preferring no open-toed shoes. With the warm weather, I was of course one of the Moms who was sending her child in open toed sandals. I was further told that closed toe sandals were okay. So on days it's too hot to go in sneakers, I've been putting him in this new pair of closed toe shoes from … [Read more...]

When my oldest was a little over a year old, we had a standing date for dinner with my parents at a classic all you can eat family-friendly spaghetti joint. We would dress our little princess for this occasion in a raincoat. And we would hose it off afterwards, and whisk her home to the tub. Yes the mess was spectacular. But so was her pleasure in … [Read more...]

Wow! Over 100 applicants in less than 48 hours and there are just so many amazing Moms and women out there who are reading this blog who wrote in and shared their interest in writing. I have been sharing some of your emails with our Mommy reviewers, and we're just amazed at the wide array of incredible women out there who read MWS. A big thank … [Read more...]

It's unfortunate and frankly, awful, but it's a fact of life that everyone reading this blog has already or will be touched by cancer at some point in their lives. This review is about what I think is a really cool and simple product for women dealing with cancer and the repercussions of chemotherapy. A few months back, I decided to take a day off … [Read more...]

I'm in awe. Absolute awe. The beauty of Babycakes of Scottsdale's babycakes is astonishing. The perfect centerpiece for a baby shower, now that I've seen and touched one, my idea of a babycake has completely changed. See, when I was in the "baby shower stage" (and, gosh, I'm dating myself a few years) baby cakes were pretty much diaper cakes. The … [Read more...]

I have been through my share of multi-trimester body changes. Multiple Times! And like many tired but hopeful moms, I have an entire bookshelf full of workout dvds promising miracles. One claims I can get my abs back. Another claims that I will strengthen my core and sleep better. Still another says my buns, are gonna rock the house. But not until … [Read more...]