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Making matchy with your infant is tricky business. The last thing you want to look like is the "stupid" from the "I'm with stupid tee" which can happen if you're not careful. But this is never an issue when you and your baby are wearing clothing from Puella & Puella Petit. No kitschy phases here or tongue in cheek references to mom or dad's various … [Read more...]

Make sure you're signed up for our newsletter, because this time you'll have a great opportunity to win! TEN lucky winners will be randomly drawn from our Mommies with Style Newsletter listing on July 6. Each winner will select her favorite ClubSwim suit to enjoy this summer and beyond. We recently introduced you to ClubSwim--reading my review, … [Read more...]

Everyone wants their kids to shine on their special day. If ever there was a photo-op moment, it's at a family party. Birthdays and holidays are a very big deal for my family. We like to live it up. We like to get funky and show some spirit. Over the years we have collected quite an assembly of special day items. Including some fabulous hats and … [Read more...]

Hey Mommies – Here’s a great gift idea… personalized bags from A Pocket of Posies. I attended a kid's birthday party and these adorable personalized bags were the hit of the party! These bags are very stylish, well made and perfect for all ages. There are various styles to choose from for both boys and girls. From cool camouflage to … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Babyhawk: Babyhawk Mei Tai Baby Carriers are derived from an ancient asian design that makes carrying your little one as Safe as it is Comfortable! This design was created by a Mom, Robyn Collar, after discovering there was nothing on the market that would allow her comfort and fashion while caring for her … [Read more...]

You all know how much I love soft-soled shoes. I am always so impressed by the adorable icons, the strength in the stitching, the buttery-soft leather; not to mention how good they are for growth. I have to say, I was afraid of withdraw when Wesley really started walking and wearing hard-soles. Still, when offered a pair of Elk Shoes to review, I … [Read more...]

So the baby has terrible skin. After having my first, I hoped for a second child with less sensitive skin than the first but I had no such luck. The baby has patches of eczema in a few places - on his ankles and wrists, several spots on his back and the worst is behind his knees. I've tried various creams and lotions. Aquaphor, although it did … [Read more...]

Lets face it as many diaper bags as we have we are always looking for the next one. Well I just got the next one. Rebecca Denny’s Mommy Purse. It is roomy, it comes in fabulous patterns and its multi-purpose. The Mommy Purse is meant to be the transition bag from a full size diaper bag. I found it to be able to carry everything I needed for … [Read more...]

Even though I am pretty early in my pregnancy, my belly is "popping out" much sooner than with my first child. My maternity clothes are too big (and I'm not really ready yet to put them on yet). I still want to wear my low rise jeans -but they aren't buttoning! What can do? B-Buckle, created by the fab Jennifer Noonan, came to my rescue. To put … [Read more...]

Here's a new one that is a boon for nursing moms. The Slurp and Burp! Its an ingenious little coverup and burpcloth all in one. The design is simple - it looks similar to a pouch sling (but please, please, do not ever attempt to carry a baby in this, ok?!). The loop of fabric is made of half soft comfy cotton knit, and half woven burpcloth fabric. … [Read more...]