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Isn’t it a hassle to clean your child’s car seat cover? You have to disassemble the straps, wash the manufacture’s cover sometimes by hand, wait for it to air day and then go through the labor-intensive process of reinstalling the car seat? Well, don’t be annoyed and frustrated anymore! The Lilly Pad is a waterproof car seat cover that … [Read more...]

Congrats to Anne from MI for winning last week's contest on the Mommies with Style Message boards, a Teepee for Me. If you missed out on last week's contest, you still have a chance to enter our final week of our message board contests. This week's prize is an ATS stroller from Baby Jogger - it's a gorgeous stroller. You can view the details of … [Read more...]

We moved Wesley (my now 2! year old) into his bed several months ago. It was a slow process, and mostly because we learned what a roller he is. He started with a mattress on the floor. And 8 nights out of ten, we'd find him in the middle of the room. After several months of rolling, we decided it was time to teach him to really stay in bed. He was … [Read more...]

New movies for the week of August 27th: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Halloween Treat - this one's fun for the upcoming holiday, it's a couple of episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, all with the theme; plus a bonus episode of Little Einsteins (also Halloween-themed) Little Einsteins: Rocket's Firebird Rescue - for some reason this one really held both … [Read more...]

I just hit the 21 week mark in my pregnancy. I'm feeling tired, partly from running after a toddler all summer, partly from getting further along in my pregnancy, all while working 2 nights a week teaching, and writing for CBB and MWS part time. I needed a break (and my 3 year wedding anniversary just passed). And I got it - a luscious night at the … [Read more...]

Searching for a boutique baby blanket packed with charm and sure to bring a smile to everyone's lips? Something truly favorite-woobie worthy? Then you must not miss the gorgeous collection of vintage blankets from MWS member owned Mairzey Dotes. The blankets are simple in construction, but brilliant in their design/color combinations. They are a … [Read more...]

There's no inappropriate age for blocks, even my 34-year old husband seems entertained when he builds a tower with a set of blocks. We got a set of Crayola stacking blocks from Great American Puzzle Factory this summer and it's been a great hit of a toy. Both boys love playing with them; Nate (3.5) loves to stack and nest and Cole loves to suck … [Read more...]

Hey Mommies - check out our latest giveaway! Win 9 beautiful Clippys from the gorgeous manufacturer No Slippy Hair Clippy. All you have to do to enter is sign up for our newsletter! If you're already subscribed, you're all set and already entered. The winner will receive 9 adorable Clippys including: Stella, Fallon, Ladybug, Lynn, Ruby, Abby, Lacy, … [Read more...]

On any given day, running errands, going to school pickups, dropping off pals after a playdate or for soccer practice, I have a half dozen children between the ages of 2 and 10 in and out my car. Which is why I have quite a collection of carseats in the back - ranging from a covertible infant to toddler seat, backless boosters and a one piece … [Read more...]

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