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It's hard to believe my children are going to grow up so versed in technology. I still remember my parents first Mac, which we had to boot up with a floppy disc and could do all of about 3 things. I was even still hand-writing (*gasp*) letters to my friends when I was in college to keep in touch. Today's kids are certainly ahead of our … [Read more...]

This post is a part of our month long giveaway on the Mommies with Style message boards. This is our fourth and final week of prizes being given out for posting on our boards. Considering I'm posting this late into the day Friday, we'll have this run a day longer than usual. This is our last week-long contest for the month so be sure to get on … [Read more...]

So my cell phone finally died. I had the pretty pink Motorola Razr and I think letting Cole us it as a teething toy finally backfired on me (there's a surprise). It just decided to stop working one day. I took it into my local AT&T store and after proclaiming that they: 1) couldn't fix it and 2) I was beyond my warranty, I started looking at new … [Read more...]

Congratulations to the 5 winners from Week Two of our August Summer Giveaway, sponsored by Skip Hop. Each winner will receive a Skip Hop Duo. They are the following: Karen K. from CA Cynthia C. from TX Nancy A. from DE Shani G. from SC Amy P. from NY … [Read more...]

To win a Teepee for Me! Post on our Message boards in our August Summer Contest forum about your child's favorite toy. You have until 11:59 pm ET to enter tonight. … [Read more...]

During my first pregnancy in 2005, I lived in the Belly Belts. But they only made them in the button style. But it worked very well for some of my pants (and that was better than nothing!). I was very pleased to discover that now they make the Belly Belt Slide (for slide and clasp fastenings). I'm excited, because I can now use them with my many … [Read more...]

Just a few days left on the Mommies with Style Summer Guide. But be sure to check out the Summer Guide now while it's still up - you have less than a week to take advantage of all the great coupon codes we have to offer on here. Some of the coupons include: -SuperMomz, free shipping with mwsfree -The Succulent Wife, 10% off with code … [Read more...]

Sometimes when you are pregnant, it's hard to find nightwear that makes you feel special and sexy, and comfortable too! That's why celebrities like Tori Spelling, Nicole Ari Parker-Kodjoe, and Naomi Lowde Priestley have been so pleased with the selection of nightwear made especially for pregnant moms, from Sweet Dreams Maternity. Order the same … [Read more...]

There are a lot of "customized" books available out there. Here's one that my son has taken a liking to -- Custom Made for Kids' "The First Adventures of Incredible You." What's fun about this one is that not only is the name customized, but little details throughout the book that you have chosen. For example, you can put in your favorite sports … [Read more...]

This will probably come off as totally stupid sounding, but here goes: this product rocks. I don't even know what more I can say to articulate how much I love this product. I'll just say that this has been a bit hit in our house and is fantastic. WallCandy Arts are stickers to decorate and entertain on your walls. They're large and they peel … [Read more...]