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Listen up, because I'm about to rave like a crazy lunatic about something as minor as diaper rash cream. Of all the products I've reviewed in the past three years, Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream is one I've written about a number of times. (I even named it as one of my top 10 products for 2006) Because it's that good. And once again, Pinxav came to … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Love my Belly Maternity: Expecting moms, the time has come to be Stylish, Sexy & Pregnant. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy in a fashion forward way with Love My Belly fashion lessons. Maternity Shopping 101: * Follow celebrities to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Love My Belly is a favorite amongst … [Read more...]

With the cooler months not too far away, a TUCKler is what you need to keep your baby snuggly and warm all day! The TUCKler, which can be used as a traditional blanket, has an adjustable elastic bottom edge that transforms the blanket into a baby cover for use on infant car seats, strollers, and front pack carriers. You can even use it as a … [Read more...]

Who says you can't get anything for free? For a limited time, Robeez is offering free matching socks with select Robeez soft-soled shoes. Just as adorable as the matching shoe, continue the theme to warm up the little one's feet with Robeez FREE scocks. They'll be free until they're gone, so grab a pair now! As always, Robeez has too-cute designs … [Read more...]

Baby Briefcase asks on their website, "what weighs more at birth, the baby or the paperwork?" The answer may be a toss up. From the birth certificate, to social security information, hospital discharge papers to other medical papers, there's all sorts of papers flying around that are important to save. So Baby Briefcase is a cool little plastic … [Read more...]

"Toys and children's necklaces made in China were recalled Wednesday, including five more items from the popular Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway product line, because they contain dangerous levels of lead." ABC News For more information: … [Read more...]

I love MollyAnna's tees. I've been a fan for a while.  Their slogan is Bold, Sassy, Preggo. These funky tees make pregnancy a little more fun!  Some of their slogans (printed on tanks, long sleeve tees/raglans, light thermals, and short sleeves) are "Body by Baby", "I Can Grow People", the adorable "Coming … [Read more...]

Time is my enemy. I have to wonder if there was ever truly a moment in my life when I was bored, or if that's just a crazy dream I once had. These days, I'm racing here and there constantly. Someone always has preschool, a doctor's appointment, a swim lesson or a music class. Or I'm picking up dry cleaning. Or going grocery shopping. You guys … [Read more...]

Last Christmas, my parents gave everyone in the family a web cam. I always had a stigma with web cams (JenniCam still comes to mind) and never looked into getting one. But with the whole family having one, I installed it and was actually sold pretty quickly on the virtues of having one. With parents who live in Florida, and two boys that … [Read more...]

Hey all - I was offline for a few days, which is rare for me. And since I wasn't online, I wasn't able to post a reminder about last week's Vincent Shoes giveaway ending. So, I'm extending it another 24 hours from today so anyone else who wants in can get in. Here's the post about it from last week, and subscribe to our newsletter to enter and … [Read more...]