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Heading into my 30th week of pregnancy, my ankles are getting more swollen every minute. And my feet are getting so dry!  What can I do to fix this? Well, Noodle & Boo, very well known for taking care of the sensitive skin for the playground set (also a celeb fave for their kids) recently started a line for expecting mamas called … [Read more...]

Ciaran did a review of these thongs from Smart Ass Gals for the Holiday Season in 2006. I thought they were so funny and we had such a great response from the review that I didn't forget about them for this year's season. A great stocking stuffer, for under the tree or for that friend with a sense of humor, the Signature Thongs from Smart Ass Gals … [Read more...]

A fairly new product in the soft-soled shoes world, Rileyroos have a little something different. Their soles have small areas of rubber, cushioning the foot in all the right spots. The rubber is framed in an ever-so-soft leather, which is hand-sewn to the top of the shoe, allowing for breath, movement and growth. Elastic laces enable additional … [Read more...]

As a knitter I am always looking for books to inspire me. As a busy impatient person, I am also always looking for books with patterns that I can actually accomplish. Let's just say, skill and attention span are not my forte. But when I found the book Knitted Babes by Clare Garland, I knew I was onto something. Now I know some of you are thinking … [Read more...]

Ever feel like you need a mobile home with a trailer to carry around all the accoutrements, blankets and accessories of parenthood? Does the thought of carrying even one more blanket make you instinctively rub the ever-present ache in your dominant diaper bag shoulder? Wondering if you really need a dedicated nursing cover up? With my last child, … [Read more...]

Play clothes. All children need them. Something comfy and fun. It’s the equivalent of your favorite pair of sweats. Gigglygear offers sets of t-shirts and matching diaper covers (for girls) or boxers for boys. They are cute, brightly colored, and come in whimsical patterns. Gigglygear can be worn under clothes or on their own. Have fun with … [Read more...]

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This past weekend I had a bat mitzvah to attend. With my changing shape and four seperate dinner, brunch, reception, religious service occasions to dress up for over the weekend, I was worried about what to wear! Add in an 8 hour drive to get to the event, that the clothes would have to withstand, and it was a bit of a challenge to pack for myself. … [Read more...]

Why waste a magnet when you can make your actual card magnetic itself? The unique selection of invitations and announcements from Cluu Design stick straight to the fridge. I love it - it saves using an extra magnet and it gives the invites a nice clean look. Plus, the designs themselves are beautiful. They come with envelopes and don't cost … [Read more...]