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What better way to capture special memories than with the help of pictures and what better way to display your favorite photos than with a beautiful and unique, custom photo montage? Retrospective Designsí custom montages allows you to combine multiple pictures to create your very own work of art. These amazing montages are perfect for … [Read more...]

Our latest installment of our Holiday Picks this season is for toddlers aged 12-24 months. It's been written by Jen and she's picked out a couple of fun toys for some great gift giving ideas. Visit the Holiday Picks page for toddlers aged 12-24 months today. This page is sponsored by Let's Go Strolling. Use coupon code MWS10 for 10% off all … [Read more...]

You may not have heard of MyKozy carseat covers, but as a new parent, it is inevitable you will wish you had! Picture this: It's a new-parent moment chock full of anxiety. You are out and about when a stranger approaches. Perhaps your new little one has just finally drifted off to sleep. Or maybe the baby has just gotten over a cold. Then along … [Read more...]

My husband and I are big followers of Dr. Harvey Karp, who recommends swaddling as part of his 5 S's for calming a baby (swaddling, shushing, swinging (NOT SHAKING), sucking (pacis) and side-positioning the baby). Thanks to my cousin Andi, we knew to know this before our son arrived two years ago. We had trouble swaddling Ben, due to our own … [Read more...]

I'm not sure what the fascination is with marbles, marble-runs and mazes but my almost 4-year-old is a little bit obsessed. Any time we're in a Learning Express, he races over to the sample marble runs and just has to send as many marbles as he can down the various paths and slides. So the latest new toy I think will be a big hit is the Q-BA-MAZE. … [Read more...]

I don't know about you guys, but labeling gifts for Christmas in our house always gets a little nutty. Growing up, my Mom used to just cut out little squares from the extra wrapping paper... sometimes the wrapping paper "card" didn't even match the wrapping paper on the present! But it seemed less wasteful than using a card on every gift. Hubby … [Read more...]

2 years ago, we had fantastic event occur. Santa called! It was just one of the most amazing and most memorable moments for us. I blogged about it here at MWS, and pieces of my review were picked up in the NYTimes, the San Francisco Chronicle and other publications. Yes, the fact that Santa took a few minutes from his busy schedule to call my … [Read more...]

Out on DVD today: Land Before Time's latest movie, the "Wisdom of Friends." This one is number thirteen! We started our dinosaur obsession a few months ago so of course any Land Before Time movie is a big hit. It's an hour and sixteen minutes long. Listen for the voices of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sandra Oh. As of this review, it's 25% off and on … [Read more...]

Don't be shy... I want you to be honest here. Raise your hand if you still haven't ordered your holiday cards. Go ahead... we won't tell. Don't worry, usually, I'm in the same boat as you, scurrying to pick a photo, coming up with the perfect wording, finding a spot to order and getting it all here, and then out, in time. And I'll admit to … [Read more...]

This is right around the point of a pregnancy when the nights get longer, the trips to the bathroom get more frequent and my regular clothing no longer cuts it. I've been looking for some humorous tees to get me "over the bump" as it were, and the ones from baby&momma fit the bill. My personal favorite is the "I'm With My Inner Child" tee. It's … [Read more...]