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I thought these chairs would be an awesome addition to a Superbowl party for the guys to sit in. These Crazy Creek Leisure Swivel chairs provide a swivel table that can be set into many different positions (he can set his beer to the side... to the get the picture.) Of course I think the intent is actually outdoors use after a hike or … [Read more...]

I reviewed The Diaper Clutch last year. Its been such a great product for me to have in my bag. The Diaper Clutch is a diaper holder with a built-in wipes holder. I love it because its compact all-in-one design which is particularly key for me. Since I no longer carry a diaper bag, just an over-sized purse, it fits nicely inside with plenty of … [Read more...]

I'm in the home stretch now! And my belly is stretching faster than it has the entire pregnany. It amazes me how fast it has grown the past few weeks. My skin is itchy all over and I am finding myself cranky. But I am also finding that high quality skincare products from Belli Pregnancy go a long way to ease the itchies, stretchies and … [Read more...]

Have you always wanted to try a wrap carrier but been scared off by what looked like an entire bolt of fabric? Well then perhaps you need to try out Baby Nest Carriers. These unique carriers offer all the benefits and comfort of the wrap carriers, without all of the wrapping. When I first started out in my journey to learn about babywearing, many … [Read more...]

I am sure you've heard of the Cooshee Booster Seats (now called the Cooshee Booster Classic) -- my neighbor downstairs has owned one for years and swears by it!  Babysmart, USA, the company behind them, recently came out with a changing pad called the Cooshee Changer ($59.99). Headed up by mom of three, Diane Zissu, this company keeps coming … [Read more...]

Top Australian label Elizabeth Charles annouced their Warehouse sale, with up to 90% off hot dresses, jackets, tops and more. An example, this dress, which retails for US $689, is $69, through Sunday at 6:30 pm. Thanks to MWS reader, Amba, for enabling us! … [Read more...]

It's something that every new parent worries about. Is my baby breathing normally? How would I know if they stopped breathing, even for an instant? This constant worry can lead to sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety. But the reality is that as parents, we need to sleep as well. And staying awake to watch the baby sleep, is not such a reasonable … [Read more...]

So we took Nate skiing for the first time last weekend. Hubby's an expert skier; he's been all over the place to ski from Whistler to Taos to skiing all over Europe. My skills can get me down the mountain most of the time. (I almost divorced hubby when we got to the top of a blue in Tahoe and he hadn't told me that a blue on the east coast is a … [Read more...]

Congrats to Claudia C.for winning the Hanes giveaway from earlier this month. … [Read more...]

I've said it before and I will say it again - we're total Paul Frank freaks around here. Which is why we were beyond excited about the 10Grain Kids Small Paul by Paul Frank collection that brings our favorite monkey and some fabulous kids furniture together in a perfect mod marriage. 10Grain Kids is known for their simple, clean lined, practical … [Read more...]