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I love this product. Just love. Charity Charms makes totally gorgeous jewelry that serves a purpose - purchasing from them gives to one of many charities. Here's the deal: pick a bracelet or necklace and then add on charms. Each charm selected represents a specific charity. They have a list of charities and charity charms you can select from. 25% … [Read more...]

What is it about a pregnancy bump that invites conversation? Get the discussion going with these playful tees from BellyFlirt. They have a bunch of fun quotes on their super soft and stretchy tees, sure to keep you smiling. I like "Sugar Mommy" and "I used to be a Size 0." (Umm...I wish. But hey, if I can blame the baby for my belly, why not blame … [Read more...]

We had such boring bedding for my son when he was an infant. White sheet, white bumper. No frills, nothing special. For my second baby, I wanted something a little fun (plus his bumper and sheets were so grimy and didn't hold up very well anyway). I came across crib bedding from Picci and fell in love.  We chose the Hippy Balls Bedding … [Read more...]

I can't tell you how many people come to us on a regular basis asking for recommendations on baby products. When you're first pregnant, it's like you've landed on a foreign world. Strollers, diaper bags... say what? I was totally confused my first time. I took my friend Susan (who at the time had three kids with a fourth on the way) to Babies R … [Read more...]

Dora Saves the Mermaids -- currently $16.99 on Amazon. I have to say, I think our Dora days are numbered (for Nate, age 4, anyway) but for now she's still entertaining to us and little brother loves her. Undercover Dora -- currently $9.99 on Amazon. I just noticed that they categorize Dora as age appropriate for ages 3-6. (!) They should try … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Allison K. from NY for winning last week's giveaway from Zutano. Look for more giveaways soon (and don't forget to enter's this week giveaway from Hunt's) … [Read more...]

We just can not get enough books in this house. I've always loved to read, and it's clear that my 4-year-old is steering in the same direction. He'd pick up a book any day when given the choice of being read to or to watch tv. So as a result, we already have an entire full size bookshelf full of various books, many of which are from Barefoot … [Read more...]

In the world of diaper bags, Baby Sherpas are the true professionals. You may feel comfortable with an amateur bag for a quick trip to Starbucks. But for that all day outing at the zoo? Or that 11 hour trip back east to see Grandma? Well then it's time to pack it all up in a hardworking backpack style bag. It's time to reach for a real performer … [Read more...]

Hey guys - just in time for Superbowl, we have a food-related giveaway from Hunts. Two winners will receive a Huntís branded canvas bag, a pasta maker, stainless steel canister, Huntís Fire Roasted Tomatoes, and recipes. Yum! Register for the Mommies with Style newsletter by January 28th and you'll be eligible to win. … [Read more...]

Either way, Best of Chums has fantastic baby gifts. A highlight to gift at a baby shower, a baby can be outfitted head to toe in Best of Chums clothing--outfits of cute hats, onesies and leggings all coordinating around an embellishment--which can be anything from a rockin' guitar to a sweet little pig. Also available are little knitted booties … [Read more...]