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In my never-ending search for adorable kid’s shoes, my latest find are hip soft soled shoes for my 9-month old. We received the “Skulls” shoes in black/white (which also come in pink/black) and it has made my son even more hip! The shoes feature embroidered skulls on soft canvas and feature a discreet piece of elastic above the heel … [Read more...]

One year. That's how long my son's been wearing sweat pants or sweat shorts. In fact, it's actually been 13 months now that he's been potty trained even though it feels like an eternity ago. We had a very nice potty training experience - he had just turned 3 and it took us one weekend. The caveat and lasting-effect from the whole thing stemmed … [Read more...]

Its not surprising that something so fun looking could entertain my boys. Especially when we are so into racecars and racing around here. For the holidays, our 4 year old was gifted a racecar starter set while my 2-year-old received a CARS racetrack. Perfect for both. They're noisy, fun to watch and you can play over and over. But the 4-year-old's … [Read more...]

Other than the Snap and Go I used for Cole, I've never had a built in cup holder on any of my strollers. In fact, I didn't even use one until Nate was about a year old. I got one at Babies R Us and attached it to my Maclaren. It lasted only a few months until a family member broke it off by accident when placing it into the trunk of our car. The … [Read more...]

I love my Power Pants from Lucy. And this coupon for 25% off the entire store hit my inbox today, making me tempted to place another order. Check it out: 0308epower for 25% off your entire order. Expires March 23, 2008. Lucy sells activewear/work out clothes. They also have a flat $5 shipping rate. … [Read more...]

Both of my cats have the annoying habit of eating ribbon and bows. When they do actually manage to get a hold of some ribbon (I'm pretty good keeping it hidden), you can imagine what follows. It's pretty much a feline puke fest. How I got the two cats who both love to do this is beyond me as I grew up with plenty of cats who never did this. … [Read more...]

 First of all, I have to say, Maxi Cosi where were you when I had my last three kiddos? Oh I know, you were off romancing the Europeans, keeping them happy in England and on the continent. Leaving me lonely and longing for a brand like you. I admired you from a distance, through the global windowpane that is my computer screen. Well Maxi, I am so … [Read more...]

Here's a clever way to rationalize 2 of each toy in your home: you're building an ark! Noah's Pals by Caboodle! Kids come, of course, in sets of 2. They're collectible wooden toys crafted with fantastic detail. There are over 30 animal pairs available (each one male and one female) and they are categorized into 3 areas: unlimited, vulnerable pals … [Read more...]

I was so excited in anticipation of this one. We only just got a Wii a few weeks ago and when I was buying it, I asked the employee at the store for some good preschooler game recommendations. He showed me a few but said there wasn't anything really geared specifically for preschool age. Not that that's stopped Nate (4) from playing, he loves a … [Read more...]

Find whatever style suits your needs at online stationary store Paper Shouts. Offering announcements and invites, you can select from a wide variety of traditional, modern and vintage products on the site for various events: kids' birthday parties, birth announcements, baptisms, sweet sixteens and more. Invites are printed on heavy stock matte … [Read more...]