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These baby tees are a wrap! Why do I say this? Because if you are looking for a perfect little baby gift, your work is done. Search no more. Adorably packaged, witty, clever and trendy, these movie tees from Baby Fishmouth are a definite go-to for all your new baby gifting needs. The concept is simple brilliance - all the soft cotton tees take you … [Read more...]

My family has been so sick this month. We had been doing really well this winter and then suddenly February hit - we've been through two bouts of the stomach bug already, and get this: my kids avoided it, but I got the flu. It's been hell. Thank God for my husband, mother-in-law and nanny who have all pulled through and helped out at various … [Read more...]

You know when you come across and item that just makes you go, "oh... yeah... that's a good one." Or, even better, the frustrating "grrr... now why didn't I think of that??" Well, here are two of those smart and useful products, both from embrace. Ideal for travel, Embrace a Fresh Pair won't leave your unmentionables unwearable. tiny papers scented … [Read more...]

Hey all - I've posted our Spring Guide, check it out! It's full of some of your old favorites with new coupons, new boutiques with new coupons and plenty of shopping fun for all. Trendy diaper bags at 20% off, organic goods on sale, hair accessories for girls, Mommy jewelry, nursing covers, baby blankets, strollers... with discounted coupons... … [Read more...]

I love Bobux for their buttery-soft wide soft-sole shoes. In fact, if you have a child with rrreeeeaaaallllyyyy wide feet, 9 times out of 10, I recommend Bobux. And now they're having a sale. A big sale. Shop now and save up to 35% on discontinued products, while supplies last. Use code 020815 to save an additional 15% through February 29, 2008. … [Read more...]

As Nate gets older, I find myself entering familiar territory from my own childhood now and again. So I had one of these nostalgic moments recently when Nate pulled Sylvester and the Magic Pebble out from his bookshelf. One of my close friends from college had given us "10 great books from childhood" at my baby shower back when I was pregnant the … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from the Fine Art of Family: Family is always in fashion at The Fine Art of Family, a beautiful website dedicated to the distinctive locket and photo jewelry designs of professional photographer and designer, Monica Rich Kosann. Monica, a gallery-exhibited, fine art photographer specializing in black and white … [Read more...]

We just got back from a family trip to Disney World last week, and for weeks prior to leaving I was on a quest to find the "perfect" shirt for my two sons to wear while down there. I love tie-dye, and the combination of tie-dye with Mickey Mouse was perfect for me and my sons. Pam at The Pink Monkey made my son's shirts super-fast and the shirts … [Read more...]

You'll find natural products at reasonable prices from down-to-earth company, Sweet Grass. Of particular interest is their Farm baby line. My favorite is the nursery spray - it's made with lavender oil and has just a faint but sweet smell. I've been spraying it after poopy diaper changes and it definitely makes the room smell much nicer in a … [Read more...]

My daughter, the fashion maven that she is, was recently commenting on how everyone in our neighborhood has school logo tees that they love wearing but that she didn’t have one for her preschool. So when we recently received a fabulous Iced Couture Preschool Rocks tee, she couldn’t have been more excited! She was so proud to not only wear it … [Read more...]