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Pronounced like the word "sigh," Psi Bands are wrist bands designed and worn to help curb nausea. They're made to provide relief to anyone experiencing nausea for a number of reasons -- pregnancy/morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy or whatever reason may exist for feeling queasy. They work by triggering pressure points in your wrist … [Read more...]

Not only sweet, but blowing my diet! But who can resist with such great munchies? I got a box of cookies recently from the Harvard Sweet Boutique out of Boston. The cookies were delish (they sent an assortment), the packaging adorable and I thought this feature would be good on Valentine's Day as a potential upcoming Easter purchase. A box of … [Read more...]

This beautiful personalized dinnerware arrived Tuesday and I was just too excited to serve a special Valentine's breakfast on them this morning. (The breakfast food was a definite miss, but the plates and the Sok-O's were HUGE gifting hits. My 4-year old's only complaint? "They weren't real presents, Mommy. No one wrapped them in heart wrapping … [Read more...]

It's been nothing but cold and winter blues here in Philly recently and lots of indoor time. So I know most of you are there with me (except those of you in Florida and the California girls who were rubbing it on our faces about going to the beach earlier this week - you know who you are!) and we've had to do a lot more TV watching than normally. … [Read more...]

It came with me to the hospital, supported me when I held and nursed my newborn baby and has been my constant companion ever since. It even rests next to me at night, ready to 'give a lift' through those all too frequent nightime feeding sessions. Am I speaking of my dear hubby? A best friend or even my Mom? Oh no, this companion is even more … [Read more...]

Hey all - received an email from They are closing their doors after four years of business and are having a sale to empty inventory. Current inventory is marked 30% off or more at the moment - check it out and get some cute products for great prices. She has bib and burp sets, toddler totes, toddler aprons and more. … [Read more...]

Hey all you moms of boy and tomboys too - it's time again for the super duper Friends and Family sale at My Little Ducks! Enter coupon code febfriend08 now through the 15th and you can take 25% off your order. Shop from a huge selection of clothes, shoes, toys and accessories for boys ages 0-12 and designer diaper bags for moms & dads. Brands … [Read more...]

Hey all you pregnant and nursing Mamas, we have a fun giveaway this week from Boob. Tanya reviewed Boob Nursing products a few weeks ago. Boob makes classy maternity and nursing clothes. Two lucky winners from Mommies with Style will each receive a set of three nursing tops - a Singlet (tank top) and 2 long sleeve tops. All are black, white … [Read more...]

I'm so obsessed. Friends came over a few weekends ago and brought their Wii and game Guitar Hero 3 (on sale this week at Toys R Us for $69.99, a great deal). After the kids went to bed, we were playing this game and others late into the night. I had no idea how fun the Wii was. Of course I had heard the hype but really couldn't appreciate how … [Read more...]

Valentine's Day stumps me. We JUST had Christmas and Chanukkah, and birthday season is long away, but I want to give something to the boys. Something cute, something that has to do with love. And something that won't give them a sugar high upon opening. This year they'll each recieve their very own Sok-O, absolutely adorable hand-made sock stuffed … [Read more...]