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The following is a paid Advertorial from Aimee J: Your baby grows up so fast. Before you know it he/she will be walking and talking and there is no better way to remember those special moments than to document them! aimeej keepsake albums designs luxury baby memory albums with pages including Family Tree, First Times, First Home, Dr. Visits, First … [Read more...]

So after decades of carrying all sorts of bags, I finally find the perfect wallet. I was looking for something that zipped closed (my last wallet was constantly "leaking" change into the bottom of my diaper bag.) I found what I wanted and more in this Kate Spade wallet (officially called the "vachetta clinton street neda" - I challenge you to say … [Read more...]

Whether you're heading to a chic party or need something for everyday, if you're pregnant or soon to be pregnant, you're sure to hear about Isabella Oliver. Receiving rave reviews for style and comfort, as well as fantastic versatility, Isabella Oliver has a huge line-up of high-fashion maternity wear. Included in their new summer collection, … [Read more...]

Baby foot fetish alert! If you find yourself helpless when confronted with cute products for itty bitty baby feet, go throw your wallet in the freezer to cool off right now. Otherwise read on. I just discovered these socks that look like shoes by Jazzy Toes. I've seen this concept done in socks and booties for girls before but haven't seen as many … [Read more...]

This is too funny. Both amusing and informative, this hardcover book, If these Boobs Could Talk, makes a great gift for a new nursing Mom. Buy it on Amazon for $10.39. … [Read more...]

For so long now I've been one of those moms walking around with drenched feet--totally wet in the rain. Jumping puddles, I've learned, is only fun when you aren't wearing canvas or leather. Sure, I looked at rain boots. Actually, for 2 years I've looked at rainboots. And each year as they got cuter and more fun, I craved them a little bit more. But … [Read more...]

I’ll be the first to admit I am terrible at writing thank you notes. Don’t get me wrong, I am very gracious and appreciative when I receive gifts and thank the person immediately. However, when a hand-written thank you is in order, it always takes a while for me to get a note out. Call it unappreciative, lazy or whatever you want…but is … [Read more...]

"Mom? Can you turn up the music?" "Mom, I want number 4" ..."Can you play Pop Fly again?" ... "Hey Dad, I want SUPER KID!!" This was the depth of conversation we had in our car yesterday. After listening to Justin Robert's new CD Pop Fly for two weeks (it was released on the 17th) my children have memorized the tracks and the words, and are now … [Read more...]

Congrats to Ben & Jerry's, they're celebrating their 30th Birthday today! To celebrate, participating shops are giving FREE cones! Click here to see if you're close enough to get a freebie today. … [Read more...]

You spend your days with kids. Food is flung. Drinks are spilled. Diapers are changed. Lots and lots of diapers. And you are prepared, organized, and ready for action. Plus, your bag always looks great. Because it can be wiped clean. It's all about the bag. Having the right one for the job, is the key. Right now I am using and loving this … [Read more...]