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I have to tell you about this absolutely gorgeous blanket I'm curled under tonight--because its a baby blanket! I received this sample for review and set it aside thinkiing, "yeah, I'll get to it." But tonight, watching nothingness on TV, surfing the web, my feet got cold. And I spotted that blanket in my pile of "yeah, I'll get to its." So, I … [Read more...]

Mia has been running around all day with little cherries in her hair. Well, little cherry piggie tail holders anyway. They are made of felt, are so cute and scream summer. They are from Kenzie Klips. Kenzie Klips offers 100% wool felt handmade hair clips. They are well made, stylish and so fun. One of my favorites are their monogrammed hair … [Read more...]

Perfect for summer, I love the colors and styles available at Shop Julie Smith. Her 2-sided belts allow for the coordination with so many of my summer styles. And they're constructed for no slippage. You can also order one made-to-order, which allows for you to match your exact outfits to your favorite ribbon. I love the matchy-matchy accessories … [Read more...]

Gorgeous, stunning and breathtaking comes to mind when I think of Andrea’s Beau handmade hair accessories. Seriously, they are the most beautiful and elegant hair accessories I have ever seen, and, there is such an extensive collection to choose from! Andrea’s Beau handmade designs embody simple elegance, highest quality imported materials and … [Read more...]

There was an error on yesterday's newsletter, and I apologize. You can read Ciaran's review of the Baby Zabu from Wagamama Baby here. Mommies with Style save 15% on your Baby Zabu with coupon code MWS15 now through June 30. … [Read more...]

The last time I *really* listened to the Barenaked Ladies, I was a twenty-something, cheap-beer drinking, late-night-partying fun single type. And oh how I loved them. The best thing about Barenaked Ladies music and concerts were how fun they were. Some of my fondest concert doing days include watching them on the pier in San Francisco, or … [Read more...]

You’d be hard pressed not to have heard about all the press Bisphenol-A (BPA) has gotten recently. Canada is considering banning it in baby bottles. The FDA recently showed its support for BPA. And every week it seems as though products from bottles to blenders, toys to food storage containers are been pulled from shelves or conversely, have … [Read more...]

For a while I've been worried about my little guys using my ipod. The ear-buds concern me. I can't tell how loud they sound to them burried in their ears, plus they block off outside sound. So if I need his attention, rather than just saying Carson's name, I have to turn and, don't call CPS, hit him. (Okay, tap, but you get the point.) My biggest … [Read more...]

Just one more place to have to keep up. I'm on Twitter, as is Ciaran. Follow us if you're on! … [Read more...]

My toddler is going through a "scared of the dark phase" and has been begging for a nightlight. When Cloud B sent a couple of products to review recently, I underestimated the power of their Twilight Turtle (retails between $27 - 30) as just a mere nightlight. We were so wrong --- instead our whole family fell in love with it. Seeing … [Read more...]