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Did you enter the Baskin Robbins giveaway yet? You only have one day left - it ends by11:59 pm ET tomorrow (Wednesday, May 28th) Just visit the post and enter your favorite ice cream flavor to enter. (Don't forget your email address when entering) One lucky winner will receive a year's worth of free Baskin Robbins. … [Read more...]

I'm feeling a little bit like Goldilocks here. The first breastfeeding pillow I tried was too firm. My baby rolled right off of it. The second breastfeeding pillow I tried was too soft. It flopped right out from under me and my baby rolled into the valley between the pillow and my lap But the third breastfeeding pillow, from Blessed Nest ($84) was … [Read more...]

True story: This morning I woke up at 7:08 AM bleary eyed and sleep deprived. I was in a panic because I had less than thirty minutes to breastfeed my baby, and get four kids out the door and into the car to do their three school drop offs. Extreme suburban parenting. With nary a moment to spare, I threw on a simple but classic lounge set from … [Read more...]

Just got an email from the folks at Modern Milk, they're moving and having a close out sale. Hooter Hiders are marked down to $24.99 from $35, plus big discounts on nursing gowns, accessories and more. … [Read more...]

Hey Moms-to-be, here's a great one for you from Isabella Oliver, that hot maternity line that outfits celebs like Marica Cross, Jessica Alba and Jenna Elfmann. Today through May 27 all Isabella Oliver dresses are 20% off. Take a few minutes to think ahead through the summer, maybe even fall. Any weddings? Graduations? Family picnics? Big parties? … [Read more...]

This may sound bizarre but one of my problems when I have a baby is not knowing where to put them down. I will literally walk in circles and stand around like a dope, trying to figure out a safe place. The floor seems too cold and hard, the bed is too soft and what if they roll off, and the couch... no... We have pets, and other kids here too, and … [Read more...]

I've heard it again and again and again. And the kids keep making funny faces. But I'm not really complaining. They're playing with Big Eye Dummies, plush animals with interchangeable eyes and mouths. These innovative toys were created by David Lipson, who, by the way, is a very cool, down to earth guy who was displaying his brand new products for … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Vincent Shoes: The Summer ’08 collection from Vincent – a big step for small feet™ is here! Check out Vincent’s newest shoes and sandals for stylish kids age 0 to 8 years of age – fun, fashionable and comfortable footwear for warm summer days. Flying a kite? Building a sand castle? Chasing … [Read more...]

I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect gift. I like gifts that are unique and useful and that the giftee will just love. I also like to give gifts that come in sets. They just seem like such a complete gift. Otherwise, I often find myself wanting to add to my gifts. The Piggy Story is perfect for this. Their products are adorable, … [Read more...]

I have not had an easy time entering double stroller land -- but I've found a great choice -- the Baby Planet Unity Sport Lightweight Twin Stroller ($319.99). I had researched and tested a few doubles and even tried to get by with a single stroller as long as possible. But I knew I had to face the fact that I needed a double stroller, with a 12lb … [Read more...]