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Back here, I told you that I was looking to replace my family's bottles, sippies and drinking containers with safe BPA-free alternatives. This week I tried out some BPA-free bottles from Camelbak. You may be most familiar with Camelbak from their line of hydration packs or "backpacks with a straw" as I like to call them, but Camelbak also makes … [Read more...]

Lately, I feel really helpless when it comes to my 19-month-old and his skin problems. The poor child has the worst kind of eczema. The heat and the current season seem to only make it worse. He has patches on his legs, back of his knees and all over his arms. I know it drives him nuts too as he's constantly itching. Every day we're trying to do … [Read more...]

It's been awhile since I've given a new release update, so here it is - some of the latest and greatest on DVD for your kids: Elmo's World - Summer Vacation - $11.99 - lots of Elmo at the beach to get you in the mood for summer. Go, Diego, Go - Great Gorilla - out this month, $14.49 on Amazon, for all the little Diego fans out there. Jungle Book 2 … [Read more...]

Wondering what your momoscope looks like today? A few months ago I reviewed Astrocutie & Dabney Oliver’s fabulous astrological charting services. I just cannot wait to get my new baby's chart done! In the meanwhile I can now get a taste of her brilliance every day , for free, with her new online horoscope column. Just go to the site … [Read more...]

I am so excited to share a new option for carrying your kids around! We are all so lucky to have so many carrier options these days. From pouch slings to mei tais and ring slings, it’s the age of baby carrying. It’s fabulous. Until Jr. starts packing on the lbs. Unfortunately, as your baby gets bigger and heavier, not many carriers remain as … [Read more...]

My daughter would wear tutu’s everyday if she could! She loves twirling around and around in them like a ballerina until she gets dizzy and falls down laughing away. So, when I came across Tu For Tee, she was in heaven! Tu for Tee carries the most adorable tops that have a small trim of tulle sewn around the bottom. These awesome handmade tops … [Read more...]

For the 7-12 crew, Brain Quest added Brain Quest Reading for the Car to their roster this summer. Equipped with questions regarding everything America from the Grand Canyon to Benjamin Franklin, state birds to 50s bop, take this popular car-question and answer set with you on your next road trip. The whole family’s bound to learn and share … [Read more...]

Love Me Baby Me, has long been one of my favorite childrens toiletry lines, and now it is organic too. Their gentle products contain no parabens or other harsh preservatives, and are free from propylene glycol, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or petroleum-based ingredients. I've been using Love Me Baby Me products for a little over a year … [Read more...]

MD Moms Babysilk Wipes are my latest obsession. I can’t get over how fabulously yummy and fresh they smell. And how gentle they are. Even though they are supposed to be for my baby, I have been stealing them for myself. I’ve been using them as an eye make up remover and have been chilling some of them in the fridge to use on my own and my kids … [Read more...]

Use coupon code SUMMER for 20% off your entire order of $50 or more, or 30% off if you spend $75 or more at Disney Shopping. Offer expires 11:59 pm PT, June 26, 2008. … [Read more...]